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    Awesome night great racing...but I'm gutted! Munter , haven't seen him for (well lost count of the weeks) comes to the night with a grin from ear to ear, nice to see you too, races like he's never missed a night then goes home with a bigger grin and some liquid refreshments. What an absolute legend! Great to watch down to the last second
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    Hi Folks, As a kid, I was never a big fan of the Strombecker cars, largely because of their relative lack of performance (vs. the stuff I was running/building) but, they did make some very nice and accurate molds, and, with a little work, they can be made into some very very nice cars. So, a few decades later, I have become a bit of a fan, and have found and restored quite a few. All of the cars below run on either the Strombecker 2 piece brass "Competition" chassis, or on brass/piano wire chassis that I have built for them.......a couple of the scratchbuilt cars are more than a match for all but the best current plastic cars. Cheers Chris Walker PS some may have seen these on another forum,......so,......just look away McKee Mk 10......... Lotus 30........ Cheetah........... Another Cheetah............ Ferrari Dino............. Ford J car........... Lotus 19............. McLaren M1B........... Porsche RS60.......... Ferrari 265..........
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    Apologies guys I am reasonably new to slot cars so some of my terminology i.e gear sizes is not exactly correct. I appretiate the comments & the help with it all lol. Huge learning curve for me. I am drawing stuff on request & not always fully understanding what I am doing lol. Here are two pictures of the finished article. As SlotNZ pointed out the shaft centres are different by 0.5mm
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    Glad you got that sorted out Mark. For a while i wondering whether 'the authorities' may have impounded some 'threaded seeds' that were on their way to you. Den
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    I made a brass chassis for mine. Such a well proportioned model and a decent runner with the stock chassis. I didn't have the same breakage issues with mine, i just figured i could build a better mousetrap.
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    Nice bit of surgery there! You really exploited those rear wheel bulges, looks terrific. Chris.
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    Ryan was fast all night and rock solid in the end. Pressure? What pressure?
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