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    Assembled my printer during Lockdown and have printed a few track scenery items and spectators. This is my first attempt at a car body. A little Hillman Imp. Printed in PLA with full supports. Quite pleased how it came out. Bonnet had the most noticeable 'steps' so a little sanding and Tamiya putty - we are getting closer. A very basic inline chassis file came with the Imp. It works OK so I'll print some supports and roll with it. May need to tweak the wheelbase but getting there...
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    Hi all, just a little note to say that Penrith slot cars and hobbies are looking at starting up some circuit racing this year with full points racing to begin next year. Daniel has taken over the day to day aspect for the most part and since we got back to Sydney we have been helping with some ideas for the drag racing and circuit racing. They have the plastic carrera track at the front that has been cleaned and fixed. They also have two routed 8 lane tracks (the layouts are not super complicated) and they are about half way through building a flat 6 lane oval. the initial idea for the oval is what ever 1/32 cars to run and then either hard body or plastic body 1/24 nascars (there has been several built already running on the road tracks). There can be late models, modifiers or sprint cars down the road. For the 3 road tracks Daniel wants to get some racing going so if anyone is in the area that would be interested in the track hosting some racing, I am sure Dan would be all ears, I know Dan has his ideas but to get it started, running what is popular at the moment or fairly readily available so others can join is the plan. We have discussed slotworx cars but at the moment the supplier has no stock. we would love to hear what others are running at other tracks at the moment. As for racing days, it used to be thursdays, we have discussed some Saturday afternoon kids racing as well.
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