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    I lost interest in the weekly racing quite a while ago. And as you said Munter I have replaced it with other things but the slotcar bug stays strong. Might have a go at racing semi regularly once COVID is under control having moved to a completely new area and different racing going on. Weekly is a little too much for me though.
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    Sometimes it's good just to take a break, "a change is as good as a holiday" :-)
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    Track all running well with some grip making life a bit easier but I still like 10 volts & is tight enough to get your attention,12 volt might be too scarey. Computer hook up soon & then she's done jpeg upload \ Cheers Jimmy
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    Finally got around to posting some pics of my NSR F1,coulden't wait for the factory Marlboro livery so got some of Patto;s peel & stick decals & painted my own. images to upload Car is sensational & is very close to set up straight out of the box,just needed a few tweaks. Cheers Jimmy
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    Hi John Must be something in the air I have been feeling the same way. We only race fortnightly, occasionally on in between weeks I head over to a mates track for a test and tune session and frankly I would prefer to do that over racing any day. Not sure what it is but I agree with you racing requires energy and a different kind of energy. You have to deal with other people who may have different motivations than you which I don't get on a test and tune day. I am enjoying resin casting as well. My next project will be to build a small pressure pot. Getting too many mishits with my casting of small parts so hoping a pot will fix that plus I want to start casting some clear parts as well. cheers David
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    Hi John Going through the same life thoughts myself at the moment & struggling to get my race face on.I've been full on racing for 27 years mainly 1/24th Plafit & Vintage scale & more recently Slotworx at the Bullring Shellcove & before that X-Treme Dapto & Hornsby where I have many great memories & thought nothing of driving 2 1/2 hours to race on a Friday night getting back home at 1 am & getting up at 5am to work in the old days Basically lost interest in national & enduro type racing,not a good traveller & love my own bed too much. Just finished my new track & can't be bothered to set up the computer which is a simple process as it's left over from my old track & should only take a couple of hours to hook up. Not sure if my lack of interest is Covid,old age or just had enough,still enjoy building & still doing some Proxies but the big crunch will come if I ever start to sell off some of my better cars,that time hasen't arrived yet but is on my mind. Any progress with the VK mould yet John,I think I've got just enough energy to put a good scratch build chassis under it. Cheers Jimmy
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