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    Hiya All, Example for the next series of cars. Fixing a couple of areas, but should be ready very soon. (Engine and Mirrors can be printed separate, all Engine detail will be a little more reinforced) Paul (FC47 at HRW) is working on a 1/24 scale version, looking great so far. (I'll see if I can grab a few of his pics too) 1960's Formula 5000 Eagle (1/32, ZS layer height = 0.1mm Test print) Cheers NimROD
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    Finally got around to posting some pics of my NSR F1,coulden't wait for the factory Marlboro livery so got some of Patto;s peel & stick decals & painted my own. images to upload Car is sensational & is very close to set up straight out of the box,just needed a few tweaks. Cheers Jimmy
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    We use a system where the driver yells at the marshal who is talking to someone else or on his phone and that is about it. No limit on the number of offs we occasionally use track calls if there is a major off in a hard to reach place or if someone takes out most of the field. We are pretty casual about it all. DM
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