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    My car is ready for track testing Just need to paint and fit the inserts
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    I'm no expert but I like to use the Tamiya TS series of Lacquer spray can paints. They spray on thin, dry reasonably quick and give you a nice smooth finish. I would recommend using Tamiya's Lacquer Primer spray (white or Light grey) on the body first so your finishing coats have something to grip onto, plus it will show up any body faults/ mould lines( that you can sand off) that will show thru your final coats. For your final clear coat to protect the paint job, I use Model Masters Ultra Gloss Clear Coat or Mr Hobby 501 Gloss Clear Coat which I found is not too hot on decals. Either way you need to spray thin coats. I have read Tamiya clear coat is a bit hot especially for decals, plus you need to make sure your base colour is fully dry and gassed out ( maybe 3 or 4 days drying) before using the clear coat as it has a different drying time which may react to uncured paint and may crack. Take your time, don't rush your coats or lay them too thick in one go and warm your spray cans in hot water and shake well.
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