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    I would advise Armchair Racer immediately of this situation so they can raise a complaint with their courier. Interesting you say that AusPost sent your parcel to another suburb and completely different address. Mine last week was dropped off to the local computer store across the road... I was like WTF.. I was home expecting the delivery as per AusPost text about coming parcel. If I and the shop were not so honest, I could have made a claim against Australia Post for non delivery of parcel which was insured for substantial amount. Lazy bastards still have the balls to price gouge on shipping costs then they can't even deliver it to the correctly addressed address. I have lodged a formal complaint against Australia Post with the ACCC and Australia Post complaints department, basically this is considered fraudulent behaviour by the ACCC, charging for a service that is not being provided. I suggest and recommend that everyone that has had similar occur also report this.
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    This was the grid for the 1967 F1 proxy that was run in North America a couple of years ago........ The cars had to have competed in the 67 Championship year, and they were pre registered to avoid duplicate numbers. Cheers Chris Walker A couple of individual cars.........the ones I still have photos of !! Marc Tylers' (Immense Miniatures)....McLaren Andi Rowlands' (policar) Al Pease Eagle. David Mitchums' concours winning Ferrari....... And the series winner........as luck would have it , my Lotus 33......
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    I've always used the PowerPlus cans from Supercheap, but will probably have a dip at some of the Squirts range after looking at that.
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    Let's go ladies. The slot dogs alone are worth the trip.
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    Thanks Mark & everyone for a cool night on Oaklands... I'm happy to dust off the track and open up next week if you're keen. Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Doors open from 6pm
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    I'm a bit tight when it comes to paint myself. I use the cheap Fiddly Bits grey primer, Squirts white undercoat and Squirts (any colour Top coat) and the Squirts Clear Gloss. Comes up a treat, but won't have the full range of colours available like the Tamiya paints. Here's an example of the red from the Squirts range. Must say though everything went right when painting these Revell Ferrari's Matt
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    It seems the biggest problem with international shipping is that only about 1% of the worlds planes are currently flying and unless they can get stuff on a plane that's heading in the right direction it's going to take some time. As strange as it seems we're in a different world to what it was 4-5 months ago. It almost seems quite 60's-ish at the moment. The weird thing is I bought some stuff from SRC after the lockdown started and it took 11 days while an item I bought on Trademe from Woodville before the lockdown started took 7 weeks and only arrived a couple of days ago.
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    Hi all. I ordered from Armchair Racer AU and Slot Car Centre USA over lock down. Both warned me about shipping delays but SCC in particular forecast serious delays and offered cancellation. I decided to proceed with both and already have Armchair order. SCC seemed to make good progress initially but no progress for a while. Cannot fault SCC. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
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    I had one for the UK that luckily arrived before my cranky customer flagged me, and I've got one from 18/03 to Germany that is ongoing. Fortunately for now my German customer is being patient. On the flip side for me I contacted Bruce from Cincyslots for an update on my $900odd order that was posted 20/03 and it got as far as Chicago on 22/03. I removed all my listings when the lockdown started in Melbourne. I'm not surprised ebay stitched a seller up, It cost me $200 for a Racer Ferrari 512 to get smashed up in the post to USA late last year, even two months after I sent it and a month after it arrived. I'm skilled enough that i could repair it to a decent level and recoup much of my losses but still, bots making decisions isn't a good thing.
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    I think from my perspective we have had many comings and goings in our race group for various reasons. One of the largest however, is group members not getting along with others in the group. I myself let things slide and and therefore the banter doesnt bother me. Some dont see it that way. As we all know this is a niche market. (Most of my mates are racing lovers and we have group of 20 or so that regularly go to the 12 hour event. However, ) not one of them is interested in slot cars. Despite my best efforts, they just dont seem to take to it) Without trying to sound to PC, we need to be inclusive of peoples thoughts on different topics and behaviours. I, like most have a definite favourite class but understand as these cars are no longer available we need to adapt with the times to allow new comers in. I dont like all the rules we run with but am happy to play along as the alternative is to sit at home and race by myself. Another thing is the competitiveness. Most racers are by definition competitive. So there will always be the guys who are up the front and the mid pack guys and the slower guys. I have suggested the following to even up the field without greatly compromising everyone 1. The winner of a class series has to sell his car to the slowest guy in the group at a fair market value. This allows the slower guy to at least concentrate only on his driving ability (which will vary as well) The faster guys can easily build a new weapon and repeat the process. 2. Have a class or 2 of breakout racing. Setting a time limit for a lap seems counter intuitive to racing but the faster guys are usually more consistent. This really affects no one but does bring the masses closer together. 3. Running a lot more box standard type racing. Take your typical Slot.it car and make a rule to only allow tyre changes also helps bring the field closer. Once we start changing to sidewinder and gear ratios etc the new guys just cant compete with the guys with experience and tracks to set up on. 4. Running a lot more teams enduro events. By grouping guys together it creates a lot more comraderie and gives the slower guys a chance to run a fast, well set up car. 5. Running a lot more host car classes. Not everyones favourite but we seem to always have higher numbers whenever we run this format. There can be little complaints about tyre treatment etc when all the cars are the same. Would like to hear your opinions on the above. But, I think most important is to include people as much as possible. It matters little whether someone dislikes another member as we dont have to congregate with that person at a race meet. Just keep it cordial is all. Regards John
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    Here is my latest project,a Scalxtric Marshal's Hut that I pick up on Ebay last year it was in poor state but a bit of TLC and some paint it looks right at home on the Warwick Farm Track. Regards Bo
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