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    While building a Pioneer Legends 34 Ford white kit I wondered what else i have on the 3D printer could fit the chassis So behold the XE Legend Had the Falcon file so it was only a matter of shrinking it down to fit the chassis, fit some outrageous wide guards and there you have it Bit more fun for the track and i'm sure no one else is going to turn up with the same body and scheme on race night
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    Yello flag Pit road closed (pit entry lanebrane locked) cars on pit road can finish fueling and Tires. Lane brane forces all traffic to a lane outside of pit exit. so safety car may enter track without being hit Safety car enters track from pit exit position of all cars frozen no cars should pass safety car. All cars must maintain position (drivers will have to allow room to change lanes being courteous and maintain position) no laps are counted until are cars are in proper position when all cars are in proper position Pit road opens X= number of laps Safety car returns to pits x= number of laps green flag at start finish line no speeding before green flag this is just how I would do it if I could automate this... im positive its not perfect, but this is the most basic Yellow flag I have experienced over the years. i know there are people who would love Prototypical rules for all of the major Race Divisions, but this seems to work with oval and road course type racing
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    Bought a Pioneer Legends white kit and did a different paint job on it, hate turning up and having 20 of the same car on the track. Got to thinking while i was building it if anything else would fit the chassis Luckily the slicer program lets you adjust the dimensions of a object to anything you want to print So here's a rough draft of a XD Falcon Legends
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    Arvo Warren, I will put the cart before the horse, you have the classes and regs. The main idea behind our racing classes and regs is to keep costs as low as possible for everyone, if you don't have a car that meets the regs, that's ok, don't panic, bring what you want to run, there is a very high probability that you can borrow a class car from myself or some one else, we usually bring two of each car class, main runners and the backup cars, soon as we hear you don't have a class car, someone will offer you their backup car. We like to keep it very informal, relaxed and fun, yes we take the mickey out of each other all in good humour of course, there are times when someone (me with myself) will have the shits due to their cars breaking down, crap grip, or simply just having a bloody bad day Bring along your scratch builds, even if they aren't class cars you can still run them and have fun and learn the different tracks hopefully. You know you have an open door to my track for tuning and testing, all we need now is to get these restrictions lifted so we can get back to group racing. Johnno
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    A quick build using a busted up Tamiya Lotus 30 body. I was given this body from a mate who gives me cars to restore/rebuild. I did restore one a while back, seen earlier in this thread to resemble the Tamiya Lotus 30 box. The body was cracked, broken in a few places with the right hand side and front nose of the body snapped away. Seen here in the pic below with the new panels glued in place and shaped to suit. I had one of those cheap Avant Slot chassis from a while back that I cut in half, glued, strengthened and reassembled. Had some old Fly wheels that had been sitting in their packets for years so used these as well. After I stripped all the green paint back, gave it a prime, coat of red (didn't want to do the Lotus green again) and applied some decals I had laying around. Windscreen was leftover from when Phil K sent me some for the other Tamiya Lotus 30. Not period correct or anything but had seen a pic on the net of something similar. Fitted with the Avant Slot chassis and original 27000RPM motor that these chassis came with it runs really well whether on the plastic or timber tracks. Pretty happy with it as it was a $0 build, but fun to do, all made from stuff tucked away in boxes. cheers Matt
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    BIG WEEK FOR TEAM SCORPIUS Wow its been a huge week for the team: Hardware: Boards being manufactured. Unloaded boards completed by 28/09/2021 ready for loading. Firmware: Bootloader being added for Wireless Colour Touchscreen Light Gantry. Software: Huge new feature for safety cars started. Appware: Work starts on converting Android to iOS. 3D design: Flipper assembly tweaked. 3D printing: 3D printing prototypes begin. Website: Being tweaked for UK distribution. The team is spread out across the globe. A truly international talented team, all top of their field. One very proud Aussie Rick
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    iOS VERSUS ANDROID FOR SCORPIUS APPS Hi Guys, iOS versus Android, the age old debate. Which is better? Especially for digital slot cars? The answer is they both work perfectly. They are equally as easy to use for wireless upgrades to products using Bluetooth. Personally I use Apple products? Why? They were first to market and I was an early adapter. They led the way simply because they were more innovative and simply better than MicroSoft (Unfortunate name if you think about it ). Jokes aside Android out sells Apple 5 to 1 worldwide. But there is a reason for this. Only Apple uses iOS but 1,300 companies use Android. What’s the big difference for me is the user experience, for me I find iOS far more self intuitive than Android. Just an observation. As I said I use both. Ive had another full on wireless device app written for a non slot related product I built using first in iOS then Android. Both worked 100% immediately with no bug fixing required. The tech is reasonably easy with most 2nd year uni students bri f able to nail it. Currently Scorpius uses Android to load firmware updates into our Gen II decoder , our Nano decoder and soon our new Maximus decoder. Only yesterday I spoke to Team Scorpius app guru Faruk and commissioned him to duplicate our new app in iOS in preparation for the release of Maximus decoder in late November/early December 2021. I already know it will work as we are lifting the code straight off the other non slot related app I had built recently which works 100%. At Scorpius we won’t discriminate Apple or Android users or tell you to change devices due to poor firmware. That’s our promise. A hobby should be fun and not stressful. Modern technology is daunting for some of us and the addition of bugs can make the experience tiring and time consuming. The last thing you want to hear is when people spend more time attempting loading firmware than racing, and then give up after investing a substantial amount of money, often selling it back into market at a substantial financial loss. That’s bad for the hobby many are trying to build up. A hobby must be relaxing and fun, not stressful. So in a week or 3 we will see our iOS app for Scorpius along side our Android app. Both will work perfectly or your money cheerfully and immediately refunded. That’s our promise, like all our products. Interestingly enough no one had ever exercised that option, ever. You work hard for your coin, not headaches. Heres a re-run of our recently developed Scorpius app powered by Android. Enjoy guys. I’m loving’ it. https://youtu.be/g3cQ9jpB-7s
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    Whats wrong with some people? The slotcar community is a pretty cool bunch of people who enjoy the hobby and enjoy sharing their experiences…..this is what I thought, but after some exchanges with a few so called slotcar enthusiasts I am not so sure anymore. Some members of some forums are vicious types….they operate in groups and when they see a victim they troll and bully that person continually. If you support someone they don’t then you too get trolled, bullied or harassed. This has been seen on the SF forum over some years and it sometimes occurs here. Don’t criticize anything they do to the slightest degree or you become the target. I am sorry to write this and put it up on a public forum and no doubt inconvenience the moderators but I have to get it out of my system. Apologies to the Mod team. For instance….I recently contradicted or questioned a person on SF and then received a threatening message from a member here. Why would that happen? Because they are both in the same group of aggrieved people. Lets take a sample from the latest PMs “Be grateful you haven’t been exposed….yet” and “You have been warned” and “no need to reply….you have been warned” and “If you continue it online on any forum I’m going to have to let everyone know what you did and how you did it along with all your BS threatening PM’s elsewhere” Now it is easy to fabricate words as I could have in the above statement but these are quotes from PMs recently received. I am sure moderators can read PMs if they need to. In the past I have been asked for my address and email so legal papers could be served on me because I somehow offended/criticized/questioned the guy. If by posting this statement I am asked to leave Auslot then so be it…..but I am just giving everyone a heads up about the wonderful world of slot cars and the sort of people who inhabit the forums. Regards to all John
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    THANKYOU JOHN HUBERTS. Hi Guys, I’ve given credit to all the team here at Scorpius, but I must mention John in particular. I’ll never forget trying to source an engineer in 2006. I approached 17 engineers. All of them said they weren’t capable of the project with one saying it wasn’t even possible! One engineer said he couldn’t do it but he knew someone who could, John Huberts. I contacted John and he said the project is right up his alley and that he was flying from Brisbane to Melbourne the next day and he detour via Sydney if I could pick him up. He entered my games room and seen the track and was immediately interested. I gave him the brief in words, no specification. He flew onto Melbourne. A week later he contacted me and said he was on the way to Melbourne again and if I could pick him him up at Sydney airport. We drove to my place where he immediately put the car on the track and starting doing laps.I was blown away. The first 2.4GHz slot car was born. The rest is history. What I like about John is his skill set and speed. He had no lab and humbly works out of his garage where he has a desk, storage facilities, scopes, soldering station, IR oven and his laptop. That’s it. A story. I received the professor motor handle and forwarded the handle to John. The spec was basic. 2.4GHZ, wirelessly upgradeable firmware, hall sensor, an LCD screen with menu, 3 buttons, 3 knobs and ran on 3V. John designed the board shape and hardware in 48 hours and ordered the boards. While we waited for rapid prototypes he wrote all the firmware in a week. On day 18 the boards arrived. On day 19 he uploaded the firmware, day 20 he tested it and in day 21 he sent via express mail. On day 22 I tested it. It was perfect in every way. Not a single glitch. I’m still gobsmacked a decade later. Proficient in hardware and firmware it saves having 2 seperate engineers. He also dabbles in software programs for diagnostics etc. I look around now and see University trained engineers who supposedly lecture and consult, have labs and make huge claims, with not a single completed project trying who wish to critique others work and commercialise their ideas yet lack basic 2nd year uni skills like soldering and hide under the banner of hobbyist to suit their agenda. How an electronic engineer (or are they?) can claim to be a electronic hobbyist is extremely fascinating. An engineer can sure have hobbies but to hide behind the hobbyist facade is concerning. So hobbyist it is. So again all this makes me realise how invaluable John is. Can the project survive without him? Probably but it will be multiple times harder this multiple times more expensive and take multiple times longer. Firmware is the key. Hardware engineers are a dime a dozen, firmware engineers as rare as hens teeth. So John thanks champion and thanks for the latest round of amazing work ie the light gantry, Nano decoder and Scalextric braid plate decoder design, all unique products and world first. Rick Pic: Second generation Scorpius controller and Scorpius chipped Slot.it car.
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    I'm in the process of moving as well, but due to covid we can't get to where we want to to buy, but preparing to move still goes on, trouble is that i'm running out of room to store things, so a lot of my larger projects are scaled down or on hold, luckily the 3d printed projects don't take up that much room. Added a bit of colour and a bit of trimming, still very much a work in progress, but looking promising
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    All right. Let's get this party started.
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    "well after years of having no track, my cars were boxed up and never saw daylight until yesterday. We have moved interstate (QLD) and stumbled across an ad with a track for sale. I contacted them ands they invited us out for a look. WELL, my introduction to scorpius, very impressed! They have a Bathurst digital track which is awesome, a massive rally track and a small analogue track. A lot of my tyres were red and stuffed, but some were still good. My NSR cars were great after years of no use, the spark has re ignited and I'm off to buy some stuff to set up a new work bench." That's what the man said
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    I finally got some time to finish this project off. I scratched up a new spoiler and threw on some paint / decals. It's been a fun build and the car runs really nicely. Thanks for looking.
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    Pat dropped off a new body for me yesterday 3d printed Holden HQ Monaro Thanks Dave West for putting us onto the website
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    We abuse Crocket mercilously, from calling him Smokey Yanuck, to telling him he couldn't lie straight in bed - all because he got some of his cars from the previous track owner . . who we called Smokey Yanuck and told HIM him he couldn't lie straight in bed. We accuse various others - probably including me, of being dirty cheats, filthy rotten nerfers, girls, ladies, offer some braille lessons, and so on. Much fun. Yep. We have a pretty healthy club vibe. A most common saying is "are we having fun yet" Sometimes guys come without cars or controllers, they don't feel like racing, maybe tired, or were just too busy to think about getting ready, but they still want to come to club, marshal, eat food, engage in the banter. I think over half our members are from when we began in 2007, and we have more racing now, than I think any time in the past
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    Hi All After discussion between myself, Gazza and tsmsoccer, (Charlie) we have decided this thread needs to be locked until we have had further discussion. It is unfortunate to have to take this action but there are a number of issues and we have let it slide for too long. Maybe if I had acted earlier it wouldn’t come to this but unfortunately this is the way it will be for now. It is now becoming too difficult to manage as we are just a hobby forum and it really shouldn’t need constant monitoring. The forum is there for all slotcar enthusiasts to use to share information. It was never the intention for a manufacturer, supplier or similar to take centre stage with multiple updates daily. There have been a number of questionable posts that have had to be edited and some that have not been edited but probably should. Some of these have resulted in people walking away from Auslot as we have been seen to be friends with Rick. While this is true it is probably bad management on my part to not act sooner and Rick has probably seen the inaction as a green light. So Rick I apologise for doing this but we need to take a step back and get Auslot back to where it started. I will call you at some stage during the week once Gazza, Charlie and myself have reconvened.
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    Hi Shift, Taken onboard. I like the idea of herding cars into lane 2. Top one. I’ll pass it on. Cheers Rick https://youtu.be/g3cQ9jpB-7s
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    There's still a few cars to come but I thought it was time to start seeing who has a good car and who doesn't. Here are the videos of the cars doing 10 laps of my test track and a few comments. 32Coupe, BARacer, bov https://youtu.be/1x7HWeyeNQM Brooksy, Brumos, charlesx https://youtu.be/1Ibupt7b48I curef, Dixie, DP201 https://youtu.be/JxEtvifrFS4 jimmyslots, JohnnieE, Nonfractual, https://youtu.be/3l1-jrs7unY old man, Pepsi, Peter Gunn https://youtu.be/obF1nV24K54 Shaynus, Sports, Sticks https://youtu.be/TvwPdn1cYWo BARacer, ALS, ArroldN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VrP-THy9pU Aloha and Lance https://youtu.be/1_m9l9RbBQ0 And here's the lap times. This will be the order in which the first round will be run, slowest cars to fastest. Peter Gunn 1.99 Dixie 2.10 JohnnieE 2.10 Lance 2.19 jimmyslots 1950 2.20 32coupe 2.22 Brooksy 2.22 bov 2.23 Sports Racer 2.26 sticks 2.26 BrumosRSR 2.28 DP201 2.28 ArroldN 2.28 BARacer 2.30 Nonfractal 2.31 old man 2.34 Pepsi62 2.34 Shaynus 2.35 ALS 2.35 curef99 2.36 charlesx 2.38 Aloha 2.41 I'll add the other cars when they are all here. Cheers Paul
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    Hi guys Just an FYI, we can’t read PM’s they are encrypted or something like that so unless added to a thread we have no idea what is going on Seeing the forum has been around for so long and has no affiliation with any company, advertising or anything like that I would prefer we all just get along and share information and skills. Obviously people have differences of opinion and it gets personal but I am no HR manager or legal professional so hopefully we can sort things out and keep on our merry disorderly way. Regards Vinno
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    AUSLOT. Is Auslot the new go to place online for the worlds most interesting digital read? I’ll let readers decide that for themselves. Real projects by real people. Rick
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    Heres another Ade, It does show how much productivity can be achieved by substituting forum time for actual development. Worlds first colour LCD screen gantry. Worlds first time a colour screen has been used in the industry Worlds first touch screen to be used in the industry. Worlds first wireless gantry. Worlds first external RMS interface (Control basic functionality of RMS from a source other than PC). John designed the PCB around 18 months ago. Covid ruined the progress but now its time for firmware!What is it? Its a custom wireless PCB using the well proven Nordic nRF52810 chip. It will run mostly on Scorpius propriety protocols but will be used in BLE (Bluetooth) mode to connect to the proposed new app. The app will also allow wireless updates. It will also integrate into Race Coordinator race software for analogue racing.Mounted to our new board will be a state of the art Nextion 4.3" HMI Intelligent Smart USART UART Serial Touch TFT Colour LCD module.Use this to see the Start Lights. Click on screen once to activate/deactivate manual yellow flag. Click on screen twice to control RMS remotely, start, pause and stop races. Click on screen three times to configure screen choices for start lights.The unit will store various images. Use any of the factory light settings, F1, DTM, Nascar, BTCC, Aussie V8s, Le Mans. Or design and upload your own.The two units bolt together and will be mounted in your own creation or any number of screen enclosures online.It will run on 8-16V track power or your own power supply.
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    Yeh, at 200 Euros for the cars, i can't see any parking in my collection before any lottery win
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    Porsche 997 comes in anglewinder or sidewinder setup.The motor AW is King 30 EVO magnetic effect which has 30.000 rpm @ 12 Volts 365 gr/cm. The motor SW is Shark 32.000 rpm - 210 g•cm @ 12V.
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    Typical of me is to start a new build at the end of a just completed Tasman Series,this build follows that rather strange pattern. Nothing too different for me as I had this chassis laying around and I had the body which I got from Phil about 18 months back I began the build as a lockdown thing, as we are in a lockdown and there is absolutely no way I was not going to do something "slot related" No track as yet for me to test on but that's okay I will get to that in good time Hopefully we will see a 2022 Tasman series and just maybe a chance for this to race
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    Also go through the club race results that are posted on here to see what people are running. The Kiwi’s have a great thread going where you can get a lot of information in this regard.
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    Very little, we're only talking a few percent more wattage overall, a lot of other tuning factors will make a larger difference. Actually, thinking that you haven't bought a Group C in a few years - the advances over time, of gradually lighter bodies, chassis tweaks etc, probably make more difference. The CA41 code Toyota 86c are very quick, but there is no single model which dominates at our club, and after initial difficulty getting the Nissan R89c with a narrower rear track up to speed 3 years ago, it is now my quickest Group C, and usually on podium at club.
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    1/32 Formula 90-97 White Racing Kit First arrival of the new Formulas in their White Racing Kit version. Two references available: SC-6251 Formula 90-97 White Racing Low Morro Kit SC-6259 Formula 90-97 White Racing Kit Morro Alto Equipped with the following mechanical features: - Advance guide SC-1608. - In-Line SC-6523 C Independent Engine Support - Chassis ′′ Medium ′′ Formula90- 97 - Rear magnet position. - Lightened 26 d crown SC-1112 R. - Nylon SC-1010. d Pine-10 - AS25 high grip rear tires SC-4763 AS25 - Zero Grip SC Front Tires-4762 - Front and rear rims on lightened aluminium and fixing bolt M2. 5. SC-4083 F25 and SC-4084 f25. - 2,38 mm hard chrome steel axles. SC-1211 - Sprinter Magnetic Engine-2 21.500 rpm SC-0025 B
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    While we are waiting for the rest of the field to arrive I thought I'd show you whats under the bonnet of my Megane. Every time one of my cars returns from a Proxy I can't wait to get my hands on it as usually it has not done what it was expected to do.WIN So rather than send back a looser next year I set about changing the set up,1 because it wasn't good enough & 2 because I like to fiddle,some times I don't improve a car but with Proxies you have no idea of the tracks to be raced on for the best set up,just rely on some feed back & a bit of video. This year I've been busy trying to remove weight from my Plafit chassis from all my proxy cars,so with my trusty hacksaw removed the front half of the brass base plate & replaced it with Carbon fibre also making new H plates & guide tongues.While I was there decided to make the base plate a sprung unit similar to my 1/24th GT3's that we race locally at the Bullring. Also tried replacing the springs with silicone washers & this is still a setup in the developement stages but shows some promise. All up the Carbon parts have saved around 10 to 15 gms but I could find a few more gms if I got serious.I've tried to get the Yellow dogs to work but all my MJK tyres have been better,also lost a tooth on the Pinion hoping that will get the Plafit Pointer honking a little bit better. I think that motor in Bov's car is one of the new Predator 22K donks from Slot Car Corner in the States,I'm trying a few at the moment & are looking very promising. Here's my baby Cheers Jimmy Here's my GT3 for North America this year
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    And just so you know that I am not been to lazy the VK Commodore is nearly there From now on I will be focusing mainly on the classes that interest me and that I enjoy the most. ATCC, muscle car, nascar, legends, grp5, fly classics, scaly f1 Classes like GT1, GT3, LMP, 65-80 are just not doing it for me and never really have done, so I am not interested in investing money or time in these classes I mostly like to scratch build or kit bash the cars that I love. I started building models at a young age but only got to put them on a shelf to collect dust, now I can build model cars and put them on a track and race them. That's where my passion is Personally I enjoy the lower powered classes as I find that pace of racing offers much closer dices and enjoyment on the track and for me that is where the fun is, it's not about how fast my laps times are, how many laps I have done, how many times I lap someone or if I get on the podium, they are nothing more than just a bonus to me. Close racing, good friends and plenty of harmless banter, OH! and awesome tasty slotdogs, to me that is what it is all about
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    An old Escort XR3i body has been looking at me for some time. These cars weren't exactly Scalextric's finest moment but I was confident a JS Design printed chassis could sort out some drivability issues, and I liked the idea of transforming one into a Group 5 type racer. Don't ask me why. I still don't know why I took this build on. If you like old Scalex cars, JS Chassis Design are a great discovery. Their chassis's are really well priced, do a great job and they have a stack of 3D printed chassis's available. They're only on Facebook and come recommended. More on them later. I started here. A body shell, a printed chassis and the skirt off an old Scalex Metro. I cut the Metro skirt up and sectioned the front Metro guard to better fit the XR3i. Some JB Kwik epoxy got me here. I cut up an old slot car display case and epoxied the new panels roughly in place to give the guards more width. About now, it was looking pretty bad (!) and I was wondering why this idea popped into my head. Here's a side view with the guard panels roughly cut to size. It's still looking dodge-ball (at best) at this point. And here's an aerial shot showing the guard 'end-plates' in place. I filled the gaps inside the end plates with JB Kwik, and when it dried, started the first cut of the trimming / sanding process. That first cut got me here. Not too bad, considering where I started. And I started to take out the redundant internal plastic / epoxy inside the guards to drop weight and give the wheels as much room as possible when it came time to fit the chassis. A shot of primer brought the whole thing together, and also showed all the faults I worked up the JS Design chassis with a generic 18K FC130 from the spares bin and, after adding in some runner boards, it was time for a track test... There is still so much to do to the body, but the car was smooth, stable and very easy to handle on the track - words not often used to describe a Scalextric XR3i. We are busy at work and my shed time is very limited at the moment - but I'll try and keep this build moving along over the next few days. Thanks for looking.
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    Looking at Armchairs site and comparing my cars side by side, I'd say these would be pretty close. MJK 4292 - 4 x tyres to suit Scalextric BMW Z4 GT3 and others $15.00 OVERALL TYRE ON RIM (A) - 20.0mm OVERALL TYRE WIDTH ON RIM (B) - 9.0mm RIM (C) - 14.5mm RIM WIDTH (D) - 8.3mm OVERALL RIM (E) - 16.2mm STEP WIDTH (F) - 4.8mm
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    Have had this one in the pipe line as well Packing some serious horse power 510cu Kieth Black all alloy block & heads, 14/71 elderbrock supercharger plus fuel injection putting out 1310bhp at the rear wheels
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    Hi Keith, yes Slot.it signalled nearly 18 months ago that they would no longer be identifying their various motors by end bell colour. - my guess is that is was simply a case of the “tiny” amounts (probably a few “skids” at a time) that slot makers would buy from Mabuchi, Sun, or “whoever”, just didn’t make the cut for a special plastic colour. But if some “Richard cranium” wants to cheat at a club level by dicking with motors, frankly, the sooner they depart the better. at HB club, we are currently running a series for Pioneer Legends. 10 rounds., 2 on each track. scrutineering for the series was sooooo intense it went something like ( no body was remove in the making of this series) “nice livery”, “thanks, enjoyed doing it” “what tooth numbers did you put on the replacement pinion/spur?” “13/32 from memory, but I’ve lowered the final ratio a bit because I took quite a lot off the tyre diameter getting them round “ ”Shoot, that’s silky smooth, what did you use on the tyres, 226 or NSR oil?” “A mix actually “ ”How did you set the replacement guide?” “It’s actually a Sloting Plus, they fit better than Slot.it, hey I bought spares guys if anyone wants one, in my slot case” I think the only class scrutineering we have really done in recent memory, was BTCC - once, when we first set up cars 3 years ago…….
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    Something inappropriate to watch during lockdown, this from 2009 Ram in that stick and ride that slot hard ..
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    Thanks Greg That's 9am Thursday here in Oz (east coast) Or 11am for our Kiwi cousins
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    SCORPIUS ULTRATHIN FLIPPER MODULE Hi Guys The assembly needs some minor tweaking of the solenoid holder. Modified files off my 3D print guy here in Oz.
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    Came across this place https://racespiritmodels.com/fr/15-decors-realistes?fbclid=IwAR3v2KeRLUIShrA-DkYdVZfEKjE9AbE-7agcbUOjfGNafqo_yxjP_voXCcI Some nice products with great detail, all apparently hand painted If you want that little bit extra for your track diorama
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    Thanks. With competition this close every point is going to count. Also that one point just gives that little extra buffer on the old man.
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    And the mistery car is... the Ferrari 126 C2. Available in 2022. Saluti Gilles!
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    Me too, but the going fast bit still excites me, However, the part that excites me about it is having the skills to build a great, fast car. To me that's hugely challenging. In the same way Crockett is challenged by building great models, i love learning new build techniques that make my cars faster and nicer to drive. Actually racing the fast classes doesn't really mean that much to me. I have always said that my favourite classes are 18K, but I am competitive and always try to win regardless of the class. I wish everyone in our group pushed themselves harder to build great cars. Banter and mate-ship aside, running a great car you have built yourself is the most satisfying thing in the hobby, surely?
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