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    Couple more added to the list
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    I had some spare Tamiya cans of Yellow Paint and thought, what else could I use them on..... appears there are alot of good liveries around. Not going for a authentic replica, just something unique that the other club guys won't have. Only thing is, next time use White primer not grey, Yellow doesn't cover grey very well and needs a few extra coats - always learning.... Project 1: Sideways Grp 5 BMW M1 Sideways White kit Patto Decals Tamiya Yellow Chrome spray can paint Blank canvas All decals on Still need final clear coat over the Decals and some paint and trim highlights and a Chassis.
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    Projects 2 and 3 Can you guess the livery?
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    haven't been doing much, put some white and red on corners, contemplating an extension......
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    For some reason I've had these cars for way too long to not have done this before now, maybe, as my racing time is slipping away I seem to have more time to get these little projects done. Each car has its own story, something we could all relate to so finally all of the Lotus projects are done............... 1/24 scale Tamiya lotus 40 I got this car from a fellow Newcastle slot guy who was having a few issues with his track and I volunteered my services to see if we could fix the track,it happened to be on surely the hottest summer day just before Christmas around 2008, he just said to me during the day "you might be interested in this crap,my uncle gave it to me and I have no interest in these bits" Amongst all the assorted mess was this beauty, body was badly knocked about( sorry no pics) but most of it was there, I think the actual time taken for me has been about 3 months or so, the car is 99% original,( I had to get a repro screen.) Monogram Lotus 33 Tamiya bodied Lotus 30 ( Slotit Alfa 33 chassis) Monograms F1 Lotus 33 Ferrari 158 1/32 Tamiya bodied Lotus 30
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    Project 2: Sideways Group 5 Mustang Sideways White Kit Patto Decals - Pennzoil Tamiya Yellow Chrome Took a while to fit the decals. The Mustang doesn't have a lot of large flat surfaces to work with ie had to squeeze the decals into the widest spots. Still got to Clear coat and do some highlighting. Getting there.
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    Happy ending. Received two emails the pas t two days. Order is on the way and an email from the hobby shop.
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    Project 3: Slotit Nissan Skyline R32 Slotit White kit Patto Decals - Pennzoil Tamiya Yellow Chrome Iconic paint scheme, hard to mistake for anything else. Bit of fiddling with the decals was required as they were originally for the R34 Skyline which is wider and taller than the R32. Pleased with the look, still got to do final clear coat and black the window frame trim.
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    Hi All, Pleased to say my #2 Merc arrived home today ! Thanks Paul, I really appreciate your little handwritten note in the packaging... It's in great shape - but must admit I had to examine it, and look at my notes awhile to remind myself what I had sent in....
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    Thanks Shayne for the write up.I think the three handicap rounds went well, The way Tony drives he deserves to win.Congratulations to all the drivers. R.I.P. Mike thanks Oldman
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    The results of the Inaugural Mike Winfield Trophy are in 1st off, the results of the 3rd round held on the 11th November. Well, I say results, except I seemed to have misplaced the piece of paper I wrote the result of the teams night down on...sigh... However, I do remember the winning team of the night! the winning team was actually the far least experienced team on the night, which was a fantastic result. A big congratulations goes out to Rob, Jason and Travis! Rod has only been coming for a handful of meetings and it was Jason & Travis's 1st time! While Jason is a very experienced and accomplished slotter, Rob and Travis very much aren't but they drove with great discipline and consistency to win the best handicapped adjusted score on the night - well done guys! The overall winner of the Mike Winfield trophy was also presented on the night. Congratulations to Tony who has driven with a great balance of speed, yet safely (each 'off' costs the team a one lap deduction off their tally) over the three rounds. Well done sir! Dave presenting the trophy to Tony The proud winner No need to be bashful Tony!
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    The 2022 Bathurst Proxy is over and won. A few thankyou's first. 14 competitors who trusted me with their cars and congratulations to you all for finishing 8 rounds. Thanks to Shaynus and Tank for their help and support. Thanks to all of the comments and advice from the start. I made a few mistakes but I think we worked through them. Thanks to Syd from WASCG for donating the MJK tyres. I do think running all the same tyres makes all the cars more even. So, the money goes to Charlesx $35.00, Tank $20.00 and Oldman $15.00. I hope you can all join us next year. Any more advice would be appreciated (be nice). Thanks again, all cars and money will be in the mail next week. Thanks Oldman PS: Charlesx has donated his $35.00 to go towards the refurnishing of the pit area. Thanks Charlesx, much appreciated.
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    Picked up a few more over the last few months. A couple of the harder to find Lotus 16's in this lot. The rarer Made in England Type 1 in the 'Baby Blue'. The hard to find Made in France Type 1 Indigo/Dark Blue with the Yellow mirrors, carbi's etc Made in France Type 1 Yellow with Red mirrors, carbi's etc Made in France Type 1 Blue with red mirrors, carb's etc Made in France Type 1 Blue with Yellow mirrors. carbi's etc Made in France Type 2 Red with chrome mirrors, carbi's etc Made in France Type 2 Green with chrome mirrors, Carbi's etc Made in France Type 2 Yellow with chrome mirrors etc Made in France Type 3 Blue with chrome mirrors, carbi's and chrome wheels Made in France Type 3 Yellow with chrome mirrors, carbis and silver/chrome wheels And finally another Made in England Type 1 Red which came in the job lot with the Baby Blue from the first photo. Picked up this lot from various places around the world, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and England. I have also noticed that the Made in Australia/New Zealand Lotus 16's that were made in Australia have the drivers bodies painted white, While the Made in Australia/New Zealand Lotus 16's that were made in New Zealand have the unpainted drivers bodies. Being that there seems to be more Kiwis on Auslot than Aussies I was wondering if any of you have any Lotus 16's to confirm this? In a post from Leftturnonly (tony) a few posts above he shows pictures of his Lotus 16's with unpainted drivers. Cheers Matt
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    Slotmac and so it should be, "My whole week is rooted now", for stopping me mid race for what i assumed was going to be a legit tyre clean. Desperate tactics in an effort to dethrone the Chevy Kings...........sadly some dumb twit fell for it.
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    Thanks for sharing your toys with us Mac. The cars came through pretty unscathed thankfully given the hidings they've been through. and this Slot dog juice will wipe straight off (thanks again Pip) And finally I'm fairly certain this look was directed at the PC not me
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    Gloat is good, gloat is me.
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    The Pre Xmas 2 Hour Chevy Shoot Out has been run and won. Thanks to all the racers who came to nurse these boats around the track. I was looking for something completely different to run before Xmas and they sure fitted that bill(!) The obvious highlights of the night was having The Great Munter & Wongy back in the shed. Kudos to Munter for a cool stint driving with his controller behind his back - and not losing any pace. Kudos to Wongy for showing some restraint and only having 5 Slot Dogs. In a repeat horror story, Bingo and his team of Old Coots took out the top spot again. I was encouraging him all the way and it was good to see that my positive comments helped to get him on the top of the Thunder Road podium for the second time in 2 weeks. Shame on all the others who relentlessly dished out the sledges in an attempt to put him off his game. Here's a few random pix from another cool night in the cave.
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    A sidewinder pod (FC-130 motors), is in the works at MRSlotcar, and should be available shortly....this SW pod will come stock in the soon to be released MRSlotcar Shadow. In the interim, you could use the existing anglewinder pod, and just bolt in an FC-130......(the pod part number is MR2113).......on wood, replacing the heavy FK-180's with a 12gm. lighter FC-130 makes a noticeable difference (positive) in handling. Cheers Chris Walker PS MRSlotcar currently make a SW pod that fits the McLaren, but it is for FF050 motors...............the one below is fitted with a 30K FF-050 with neo magnets........it is a match for most any FC-130 on the MRSlotcar 135ft Policar track. Sorry for the "fuzzy" pic.,......as well, this was taken before the room was fully finished
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    thanks shayne yeah was a great night!! hopefully i will make it on the 2nd december
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    I'm coming - Just for this poster !!
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    We are pleased to announce the Scorpius Gen II chip, the most advanced digital slot car chip ever, is now available for sale. Features: 16x12x1.8mm. Size 192.00sqmm Volume:345.6 cubic mm Motor drive:10A Bluetooth compatible: Yes App connect: Yes Chip type: Nordic nRF52832 (5x5mm) Range: 50 metre minimum Battery life: 3 months typical use. 2xAA Anti Collision: Yes Braid wires: 24AWG silicon Photo transistor wires: 26AWG Motor wires: 24AWG. Poly ethylene insulation. Motor compatibility: 5K to 50k motors may be used. Telemetry: Car ID. Lane ID Sector ID (31 sectors max) Lane change request status Driver name Motor drive PWM (0-100 in 1% increments) Brake drive PWM (0-100 in 1% increments). Update firmware: Use app to update firmware. Use controller menu to put car into DFU (program by app) mode. iOS in App Store now. Android Feb 2023 release. Weight: Without wires 0.7g With wires 1.7g Price $49.95AUD plus tax. Available in Webshop now.
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    Can never have to many, lol.
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    What impresses me most, is not the large track, it is the resurfacing of the miraculous pooch. Gidday Dave, good to see you about.
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    Oh yes - I knew it was your mate's track - You'd just told me it was big and awesome. That's what I was leaning at! Bloody brilliant! I hope to visit someday.
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    thanks for the run guys, was fun watching Knew that Torana was a pig from the start, couldn't quite get the small can to fit properly, hence the shitty gear mesh. Might try a long can when it gets back and see if that can help it. Congrats to the top 3, Charles, Tank and Oldman, figured an XB/C Falcon was the go but just wanted to be different Look forward to the next one
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    Thirteen on the grid last night, plus pizza king JK providing culinary support; and a welcome back to The Handler… we had a chance to hold him accountable for the reptilian antics. Needless to say, he denies all responsibility. Crockett still “has it”, taking out Scalex F1. We lost connection near the end of Australian Touring Cars, so we can forever deny that Phillip was on the cusp of seeing his name on top of the gloat podium for the first time. Worse for me, I also found myself struggling to keep up with L8n. So much for “fresh meat” Smithy was flying all evening, and took out GT3 Pat pointed out that one of the most entertaining items was the synchronised head bobbing, so I included a little for your viewing amusement
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    Now some short comments from the drivers about the cars - As a general rule most cars behaved themselves very well, with little between them, really Charlesx: (Camaro) Nice fast, fun car to drive. The car everyone wanted a go with. I was surprised at the size of the front tyres as the guide wasn't fully seated in the slot, and the braid would occasionally need tweaking to maintain good contact - but hey, what do I know, the damn thing won! Tank: (XC Falcon) One driver described it as "ferocious". Nice, predicable and fast Oldman: ( XC Falcon) Nice & smooth Paul: (XB Falcon) Really came on strong as the proxy went on. went from being jittery under acceleration at the beginning of the proxy to being smooth and fast. One of the lightest (if not the lightest) cars entered Shaynus #1 (XB Falcon): Should have won, was robbed I tells ya! Smooth, fast predicable. Started strong but tapered off to mid field results as the proxy went on Sportsracer: ( XB Falcon)not as good as Oldman was expecting Was a good, solid car, predicable, nice to drive. Just lacking that last bit of 'X Factor' Shaynus#2 (Ford Sierra): Surprisingly good race car for such a relatively tall and narrow shape. Good speed from it. Patti: (XY Falcon): Another surprisingly good race car for such a relatively tall and narrow car Macca: (XB Falcon) Fast! Almost too fast as it tended to deslot a little to easily. Alex: (XB Falcon) Decent car that went well until it didn't. Was lucky to see out the proxy as it's driveline noise level increased and it's performance suffered Gazza: (XB Falcon) Nice, smooth, but slow. A very sedate drive that needed more oomph! Ron: (XJR Jag) Smooth runner, but too prone to tipping over when pushed a little too hard in the corners Pepsi: (LX Torana) Award for the loudest car in the Proxy (gear mesh noise) ! Enjoyed the flowing nature of the Power House Raceway, but the shape of the car, coupled with the less than smooth drive train made it a real handful on the Mandurah Raceway Track Tony: (LX Torana) Very challenging car to drive with any sort of pace or flow, as it had a propensity to de-slot and either roll over or go straight on.
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    Sorry for the delay in posting up these photos, but for your interest, this is what the cars entered in this year's proxy had " under the hood" 1st off, the podium place getters: Left to right: Tank, Charlesx and Oldman Left to Right: Sportsracer, Shaynus and Paul L to R: Macca, Patti and Shaynus L - R: Gazza, Ron, Alek And lastly, L-R: Pepsi and Tony
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    Can be there by 7 so put me at the latter end of the line please
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    And last but not least, combined throttle, lane changer and car telemetry. Car ID Sector Lane Lane change request status Motor PWM 0-255 Braking PWM 0-255 Driver name. All the above are used by the race management software to accomplish a long list of functions.
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    Bullet proof lapcounting too on channel 27.
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    Ok so everytime a car passes over a lane changer the photo sensor in the car sees an infrared 3mm LED continuously broadcasting its ID in an upward direction. As the car passes over, even at extremely fast speeds, the car detects a code. It will be between 0 and 31. 1-31 are allocated for lane changers. So you can have up to 31 lane changers in a single track. This could be doubled if ever required. 0 is reserved for the lapcount ID. It also has a left and right lane code added in. Essentially the computer knows exactly what sector you are in as well as which lane at all times. Added to this is car and controller telemetry. The car collects all the telemetry from the lane changers, throttle and car and sends this to the PC at a rapid rate. All lane change requests are sent on channel 26. In the video you can see the Lane Brain on our loop is set to ID 12. You can see the car doing laps in my around 0.75 seconds, which is 7.6m/s or 27.5kmh. The car is an NSR Mosler with long can 25K motor. Why is it so important to send the correct sector? You see the race management software depends on knowing when the car enters pit lane, for speed detection. It also needs to know when your car has stopped in the correct bay so it can refuel or change tyres, change brake pads, or know when you’ve jumped the queue when a yellow flag event is happening. It also gives us sector timing. So yes a top shelf race management needs top shelf hardware to get the data where it is needed in real time. Only Scorpius has telemetry like it’s 1:1 counterparts. It’s fun and adds a whole new dimension to slot car racing. Here you can see the car report the correct LB ID time after time. ID 12. You can also see if there is a lane change request. It’s telling us it’s not in the left lane (N for no) and that it’s in the right lane but going straight, ie not changing lane.
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    Wow - KB's Camaro finally won Bathurst !! Onya Charles !
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    On display at the Gaydon Motor Museum recently
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    Started another one ......... can't help myself
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