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    Tru-blu II has arrived. Made for a 'details challenged' mate for his birthday. Second one went a lot quicker as I printed the body on approx 30deg angle so the roof, boot & bonnet were smooth as. The filling effort was mostly around the lower side. Used up the leftover Patto's decals as they come with two sets. It just needs running gear now.
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    Round 9 will be held on Dave's track in 2 weeks time - 14 August. This will be the 2nd last race of the proxy (about time ). Cheers Paul
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    Track is in and still in one piece
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    I think we can all agree 2 rounds is a perfectly adequate number of rounds, every one has had fun and we can call the proxy successfully finished ... Right??
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    Mostly finished painting and braid on 2 lanes. Couple of quick vids on ghost mode
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    Batmobile now complete
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    For anyone interested, I will have the shed open this Sunday from 1pm. Everyone welcome to run some cars, but the main idea is to build up a car from scratch so some of the newer guys can see what's involved in getting a new car on the track.
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    Thought I would try the crossover section and see how it works, turns out it works nicely
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    Hi All, So, I went into my latest version of Race Coordinator, and I think what you have happening is that you have it set up to allocate points for the placing of each car in it's 4 heats = 1st - 20 pts, 2nd - 18pts, 3rd - 16pts & 4th - 15pts. ( You can see this in RC via Expert Race Set-Up / Race Manager / Points - and you will see that Point Allocation I described and at the top of that page a Green Tick against 'Use Points' ) And then in your spreadsheet you are adding the Laps Completed to the Points allocated to get your ranking..... Personally, I wouldn't do that as it tends to encouraging racing for a Heat 'win', rather than trying to achieve the highest number of laps for each car - it is the total distance traveled that that I believe should be the true measure of a proxy car's performance. Should you want to, that's an easy fix, just 'untick' the Use Points option. And then to determine the tie-breaker of equal total lap counts, go up one page in the Race manager screen - called Scoring - and you'll see in the bottom left hand corner a dropdown of four options to choose from to determine your tie-breaker = fastest lap ( probably my preference ), Average, Median or Total Lap Time. Moving forward, you'll be good to go... As for your Scoring for the first two rounds - if it's in a Excel spreadsheet format, just delete the column called Score, And then shift the rows around based on a) Total Laps & b) fastest lap for that car across it's four heats. And then re-allocate your Series Point scores from the revised ranking.... Yes, I'm a Data Analyst - who spends a fair bit of time staring at spreadsheets... Have pity for me...
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    Bov, It could be a Concours score, or perhaps the value of the 'unmarked currency' attached to the cars. Den
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    Hi Shaynus. Thanks for the great reports and a big one to the drivers of my car. My car was set-up on a track with copper tape inset 0.1mm but barely run so not surprised some fine tuning required. Great you WA slotties are enjoying the drive. Looks like it was right up there lap time wise so presume it had a few offs. Keep up the good work. Note Sports Racer did not lap me in second round so perhaps he changed for a coffee or to pet one of my sheep. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
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    Well, as mentioned above, the first 2 Rounds of the Bathurst Proxy have been run. Thanks to some work and family commitments I have been delayed in posting the results, but hey, as you all know W.A does stand for Wait Awhile... I'll do the results of each in separate posts following this one. Personally, speaking as one of the drivers involved, I have to say it was a great experience and lots of fun to participate in the event. A lot of the cars were evenly matched through out the field, which made for close and exciting racing. Those photos Tank posted above are of the starting field taken before the 1st event , and not indicative of any performance or results... ... ... although those cars with multiple denomination, unmarked, currency notes attached to them did go unbelievably well...*cough*...(Bali here we come)...*cough*... So, without futher adieu...
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    32nd models, UK https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155084319993
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    Bought separately
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    Couple of releases over the last month or so
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    G’day everyone In regards to the Tasman proxy, I’m still trying to put something together. At this stage I’m busy in other areas and running my own slot racing group which ha had its own trials recently. And yes our family has had Covid to deal with as well. As Phil has pointed out recent events have conspired to make things more difficult to run a national type event where the cars are mailed around the country. As for interest I have at least 10 locals interested in entering and I’m sure there are some others lurking out there waiting on what’s happening. What I am trying to do is put one together that will be run in Adelaide on local tracks. At this point I have 4 definite tracks with up to 4 other possibilities. Of the possibles, One is in construction but progress is slow another needs extensive refurbishment and the remaining two are owned by people who haven’t been involved in proxy racing and aren’t sure what it’s all about. Im hoping to get something happening later this year but it may not be as big as in previous years. Failing that next year will definitely happen around the same time of year as previous ones. Hope this will give you some hope for Tasman proxy racing in the future. cheers Alan
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    Cheers Shaynus Was on an Ender 5 with E-Sun filament. And yeah I made a vac form box and carved the window bucks from balsa wood.
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    Did you use a resin or a filament type printer? Did you also make the windows your self? Awesome work, well done, great finish
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    The GT3 class for the NSR Australian Championships for 2022 is now closed! 40 Drivers will compete for the Australian Title at an event that is shaping up to be one of the biggest NSR events of this kind anywhere in the world. There are still places in the Formula 86/89 and Classic classes but the grid is filling fast so register now! ScaleXseller.com https://scalexseller.com/products/nsr-championships-registration
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    Booooyah! That looks so good. The body and chassis I got from you goes great - esp for a non-podded chassis. Wish I had your finishing skills! My one is bogan as...
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    I don't think you can delete the car image easily, i think it's a package deal .... avatar and car, just put a manufacturers logo there if it annoys you ie ford / holden etc
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    Yes, thank you Mac for opening up, I managed to sort out a few issues and came home energised to sort out a few more cars, my box has never been so ready for Thursday nights.
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    I'm out this week. Hope you & JK both feel better soon Pedro!
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    Barriers/fences finally finished, next will be power and lane changers
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    Really well done Terry ................I did this one many moons ago, starting with a resin kit I bought 10+ years ago......it needed a fair bit of work. It was done to represent the car of Roy Salvadori from 1962. At the time, I used Google images to source some body colour shots, and unfortunately picked the colour from a "restored" Lola Mk4 that ran at the Goodwood revival,.......this was a lighter blue than the correct "Bowmaker" blue. Luckily, I had 2 of the kits, and the second was done a much darker "Bowmaker" blue. Unfortunately, I do not have a handy pic. of that car. This is the pic. of the car in the "incorrect" lighter blue. Cheers Chris Walker
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    Hi I have been cleaning out and came across some Scalextric V8 Wings all original and BN. C3076,C2694,C3322,C2447,C2614,C2695,C2831,C2953,C2613,C3227,C2767,C3321,C3471,C2446,C2615,C2766,C2952,C3225,C2829 and C2830. $20 per wing pm if interested. Thanks Dave.
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