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  3. god that takes me back. probably not the best look for advertising food. I think Hugo and Holly have eaten way to much KFC, maybe they should get out of the car and walk
  4. Thanks Bings for hosting. 12 with so many regulars unavailable is awesome. And this is to educate young Snake
  5. From club tonight. The meanie-Bings didn’t let Jak race, Mac was crooker than an Ozzie fraudster, JK was leaving on a Jet Plane, Smithy was playing dominoes with his hotel guests, Marty was AWOL, Crockett has gone back into hibernation….. but we still had 12 men good and true to form the Jury. Slot Racing was found innocent of all charges and released to race another day.
  6. All what he said. I also texted Gary and Leighton in case they weren’t on Mac’s list of suspects
  7. Acknowledged... Cheers Bings Hope you feel better soon Mac. Bye JK - have an awesome trip!!
  8. Last week
  9. Ok one & all VENUE change to our track, same classes. Doors open 6ish.
  10. Hi checkout slotshop.com.au they may have something happening or if you are on Facebook look up 'Mick's slot cars' - Mick Freedman could be able to help out
  11. Good going Roscoe. Keep up the good work. See you after Labour Weekend fellas. On the Big old jet areo liner tonight to the Father Land
  12. RACING CANCELLED AT MY PLACE TONIGHT Sorry guys. I have a nasty cold I can’t shake and don’t want to host tonight. Hopefully someone can step up. Apologies!
  13. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    After much frustration with cheap pinstripe tape and it continually lifting, I got 3M and now have lines. Not perfect but good enough for now
  14. It was great to see your young lads get involved Dave. Levi certainly earned his encouragement award with all that great marshalling he did
  15. ...its been a long time between drinks so had to log in with new profile
  16. Some good photos there Garry, Well done to all the place getters and to all involved in organising the event. Was a good fun three days overall. Would definitely do it again. My two young boys, Levi and Liam, had a great time. We entered all three of us in each class for each day and it was up to them to say if they had enough... but they got through the whole lot with big smiles. Dave.
  17. Oh and I am Australian, not an annoying American, just saying
  18. This was actually quite a lot of fun. Got to talk to Maurizio of Slot.it and race. Personally would not have allowed as many changes to tires rear wheels BUT it is a raceway and shop (and a good one at that) and doing a lot to resurrect the hobby. About 1/3rd of field came from our club Farrout Slot Car Club and a third came from across the US.
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