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  2. Yes my Elvis has the 3 names to the left of the 5 as you look at it , and also if you look lower down just before you get to the silver line you can see the first 2 names again, i used a mag glass , the wheel inserts look a bit like the T 70 can am one's, just ran it with the tyres as they were noticed these tyres appear to be a larger dia than on the early cars, seems more room under the rear. Body joining lines are similar to yours but not quite as prenounced, i thought originally the release was going to be the Graham Hill car in the silver livery, think this gold was not on the car when Hill drove it , wondering if it was done for the film
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  4. Going by picture 5 it seems although the tyres are clear of the plinth when the car is screwed down, the mounting screw doesn't need to be tightened quite as much as it has been as the pod is slightly out of shape. Dunno if this is your #5 Rosco but it's there nevertheless.
  5. I noticed that this model does not appear on the Armchair catalogue.... My suspicion is that all allocated Elvis models were gobbled up before they were even shipped... It's a great looking model, Peter.... does yours have the fault line join on the driver's side (well, right hand side)?.. It shows Bruce McLaren and Elvis Presley as drivers on the right side... along with Bruce McLaren and another driver I can yet make the name of... they are lower down on the body sill. Did you true the tyres?.. or just ran them on the tread pattern... I don't believe I'll touch mine.... this model won't be a performer... although I'm probably wasting an awful lot of potential.... I have bought it not only for the great looks, but because it's probably the only "Elvis" car I'll ever own... frats, Rosco
  6. Yes, smaller Goodyear letters front and rear... but that's not "it".... worth another shot. Think outside the square..... and think "5".... frats, Rosco
  7. Got quite a few Thunderslots Roscoe and think you'll be very happy with any you buy, it,s not quite a r-t-r out of the box car i have found needs a little setting up but they all go really well, i have done a few comments on these cars on Auslot in the past. The tyres are very much like NSR's classics treads which get better and better as you run the car in, the motor is really good for the K rate in fact i,ve found comprable with many 25's , but the best part is the handling in my mind one of the best handling chassis around , i,ve put differant harder chassis in a few of mine and that makes them even better on Carrera track, and of course they now do a wood style guide , bit bigger, wider and deeper but the same shape. I also have Elvi's Elva , i didn't know he ever drove it , and think he just posed in it for screen shots, enjoy the experiance.
  8. Great detail Ross. The tyres are different.
  9. You might be right about the beard count. LOL It's always nice when someone can attend from down under.
  10. You may not be getting so many that are native to this forum because apart from some short bangs in 3 Oz states, we antipodeans have been roaming free like gypsies, oops, sorry, not allowed to use those un-PC words - roaming free like "travelers" ( if the Irish gypsies don't object to being called that) ... it's hard these days .... We kiwis were told to go save our travel gypsy industry from extinction here [I get confused easy] , by spending up in "our own backyard" so we are all rushing around the country throwing coin at hotels, restaurants and places that shake-you-down-to-let-you-in or on, or under, or through......... We just came home for a holiday from another holiday...... At least I am ticking some long overdue boxes. Hey Greg, I just realised, you could categorise these chats by beard number, sub-titled weeks of growth. You must have grown and removed 3 or 4 since the start.
  11. I know, right? And people are still coming!
  12. Shoot dude. #41 !!!! . . . . . . . . .
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  14. Yo all. As some may already have read this morning, the DTM is back on, dates 9 - 11 April. I think Crocket and Pedro had previously indicated they would take some roles - but I will start afresh looking for volunteers for some roles over the weekend. HOST - MacSCRUTINEERS - Mark & ?? RACE CONTROLLER - TBASTEWARDS - TBAVISITOR HELPERS -
  15. Okay folks, we are back in business !! - Thanks Mac for the venue once again. The event formerly known as The DTM Classic 2020 shall be called The DTM Classic 2021 This is the weekend AFTER Easter. Now that we have 4 models of Alfa, the Opel. the Mercedes and the Nissan, I have simplified the weight rules. Everyone needs to re-enter. - Preference will be given to folk who entered in 2020, as we were well over max numbers of 24, I am now sure yet whether we will able to accept any new entrants - update in 10 days. Sorry, due to personal time constraints, I won’t be able to provide any tuned loan cars. And hopefully Mike will finally get to run that gorgeous 190e
  16. Sorry to disappoint those expecting the final two wheels.... no work done today, lot of catching up around the house and in the garage... plus - too darned hot to be turning a lathe. And.... lots of mopping up in here... drool over the floor - after getting the latest of two additions to my slot garage... the little Elva is exquisite... see new thread with 9 pix. Wheels tomorrow... pix tomorrow night.. trust me, I was with the government.... sort of.. frats, Rosco
  17. Hello curef99, Sadly many Brits are still treating the pandemic too lightly and so as P-G says we are likely to be living lockdown-style for much of 2021. The reality is that sensible people are capable of deciding for themselves what are unnecessary journeys and socialising and make the appropriate sacrifices but there are many who ignore the advice and then complain about the lockdown continuing. Those of us with a hobby of some sort are taking to what used to be called the virtual world and managing to enjoy some socialising via the established forums and Zoom. On the slot-car front, the on-line retailers seem to be selling lots so hopefully there has been some resurgence in the hobby. Leo #STAYSAFE
  18. Hi folk, AusPost delivered two of my latest purchases today - A Mr Slotcar Mclaren F1 GTR white kit, and this amazing Thunderslot McLaren Elva Mk.1. I was particularly taken with the Elva McLaren when I viewed it coming up as a pre-order. This is the car that Elvis drove (supposedly drove, but at least he sat in it) in the 1965 movie.... The detail is very good.. lovely, in fact. I am yet to pull off the body from the chassis - Thunderslot, apparently - use a different screw.. looks like a posidrive, but until I get out all my little special bits.. I haven't been able to get "under the bonnet".... Some pix.... I hadn't noticed the join line until viewing the close up pic of the drivers names.... it's on both sides and I'm a little unsure why it's there. The joint is secure... it could have been sanded down better prior to painting... unless it is prototypical of the model.. Also, for those who have now seen the pix.... did you notice anything "wrong" with detail.... again, unless this is also proto-typical.... clue - take a look a the wheels..... all the wheels... As for the configuration being "sidewinder"... this is a bit of a rouse.. for, the motor is angled slightly... and the crown is very thin.. like an anglewinder... I don't know if this is Thunderslot practice... and I suspect this will not be the last Thunderslot model I purchase.... so far, very impressed.. The very fine mesh each side of the engine is worth drooling over.. I love this detail - it is rare to find it in slot cars.. but identifies a clear delineator in model railways... I have included a pic of the model mounted in the jewel case base..... take note! other manufacturers... if Thunderslot have the nouse to include a raised platform which keeps tyres up off the deck - so should you... and avoid me having to glue icy pole sticks to my jewel cases for every other model I have purchased.... please - take notice of this very nice little addition.. some thought put into the preservation of the model here... not just marketing presentation... This little model will not get a run until October.. when we set up our layout for Bathurst weekend... along with the additional 8 other models I have amassed since last having a track to run on... It will not be used as a competition car.... it, like so many of my others - is a collector..but, I will use it... I know my wife will fall in love with this car... along with the Corvette Stingray I bought her a couple of years back... she loves that car.. always have, and when one came up on the Carrera list... I simply had to get it for her..... along with the 9 1/4 inch Makita saw - I bought that for her too.... I just knew she'd love it... so, didn't hold back.... by golly, I'm such a kind and thoughtful person, aren't I? Ok.. happy to answer any questions on the model... there is also another two drivers names beneath Hill and Presley... one is Bruce McLaren.. I have not been able to squint hard enough under a magnifying glass to make out the other one.. this detail is absolutely miniscule.... I'll add some more pix when I get the bonnet up.... frats, Rosco
  19. Well in the UK were just short of 100, 000 deaths and right in the middle of a big spike, hospitals full and no end in sight , mixed messaging but in my opinion we will be in this state for some time, all most of can do is follow the rules and keep distancing.
  20. https://www.supertires.com/ Make sure you ask for Yellowdogs as they do silicone tyres as well. The postage cost is high so I usually get a few other people to add to the order and share costs.
  21. how are you all doing over Europe? here life is normal but we feel for the family and friends in the other side of the world!
  22. If you find the plans for one of those, Shayne.... make sure you make a copy for me.... by golly, could I make use of some of them here at present.... frats, Rosco
  23. any news about the TCR series and the launch of french car bodies: Peugeot, renault.
  24. where do you buy your yellow dog tyres? i have been running MJK and it does not provide the traction i see on your cars, so, time to try something different
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