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  2. Probably the best car I have built as there was so much I did to it. Could do with a bit of work actually, I was thinking I could make it run better with a different chassis and new interior.
  3. I have the engraving coming for these trophies, to be awarded at the end of the Legends Series, game faces on everybody
  4. Has to be standard for the class we race. I bought another Mercedes but it would be nice to have 2 to race.
  5. Your Legend is ready, I'll be there early to test it. I am concerned it may be a little too quick, so I may need to drill a tyre or two, sugar the motor, or put the 1/32nd driver's eye out with a soldering iron.
  6. Thanks for posting that Kevan
  7. Yesterday
  8. Cheers Den, Don't really buy many of the older cars myself. Leave that up to my mate who's great at finding bargains.
  9. @Sports RacerPendle Slot Racing has a 3D printed chassis that looks pretty trick.
  10. I saw that Alpha race quite a few times. @gazzaFantastic job mate.
  11. G'day Matt, Here's one for you. Just saw a Marusan 1:24 Cooper on Ebay, with the Atlas-type 'open frame' motor. A real steal at $329. Wish he had two!! Den
  12. Hi Caddo, Have you checked out MJK in Adelaide? They have a wide variety of tyres for 1:24 and 1:32. And I don't know if AMR (Adelaide Model Raceway) are still making tyres but I bought 1:24 stuff from them way back in the 1990s. Pattos Place used to stick both of these brands. Den
  13. On Thursday night we might drop Muscle Car and run something different - some house class cars for a change. Bring your Muscle Cars just in case though.
  14. No 17, only off by one number, haha. The only red one I had seen was another slot car. Here's a pic of the modified chassis, have seen one modified before here on Auslot. I used piano wire to strengthen the two halves of the chassis, with some Aruldite to keep it all in place. Removed the front stub axles and the outside axle holders to make room for the Fly wheels. And just a quick photo of the unmodified chassis against the modified one. Glad I've finally modified one of these chassis actually, had them for a few years now but wouldn't cut one in half. Now I'm confident doing the mod I've got 4 more I can cut up to suit other bodies.
  15. Looking good there Shane
  16. Dropped into Col's to see how he was going today, he is working on the lane change section and lane brains, looking good
  17. Thanks Greg That's 9am Thursday here in Oz (east coast) Or 11am for our Kiwi cousins
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