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  2. Yeah, I'm obsessed with them too. My wife has fat … oh … you said "arches".
  3. 100%. I can deal with that but I can’t deal with fat arches and rear wings being labelled passé. Fat arches aren’t passé. Sdeamon, for one, is obsessed with them.
  4. Curef's car entered the quarantine zone today,it was posted on march 12
  5. Today Curef's IPS car arrived posted from OZ on march 12. And on top of everything else i was surprised to pay 11euros /parcel to UK instead of 6,50 before .
  6. Good to know the thicker bits go of quicker, I'm getting there though, got a goodish one last night which I am going to work with. Weird though mixed 40gms slopped a little bit out, mixed another 12gms and threw it in before it all went off, but the cast, untrimmed, only came out at 20gms. Think my mind must have been elsewhere. Certainly didn't spill over half of it out.
  7. Aw geez Munter, why'd ya have to go and say a thing like that, now I might have to make some kinda effort, and it started of such a lovely day too. Oh well. Now where'd I put me Jackson Pollock paint brush kit.
  8. Hi fella's... I haven't had a look at getting into 3D printing yet, but it sure looks to be the way to go to get a model which is not available in any other way than scratch building it. Can someone kindly tell me what's involved with getting the software for a model?... Has anyone generated this from a line drawing etc? I have visions one day of finally building an EK sedan... as I have owned one for 48 years.... if anyone wants to give it a whirl, I'm quite prepared to do the filling and sanding involved then return the finished model for molding and casting... extending full owners rights to whoever does the printed model. I am impressed with the work done in this thread... it certainly makes life a lot easier and more accurate than simply carving something out of clay.. frats, Rosco
  9. yeah its nice too see nearly no printlines, they took 23hrs each to print... id said with a coat of undercoat the printline will be gone... ill put some side photos up soon
  10. I'll go hunting. I am sure I left my game somewhere. Someone remind me, what is gloat - or show me a sample next Thursday.
  11. Hi Chas Couple of things with adapting a 1/32 chassis - the wheels on 1/24 cars are larger and thus the axle position isn't correct. Also 1/24 wheels use 3mm axle so need 6mm oilites so the standard 1/32 won't fit. BRM don't sell an adjustable chassis. Scaleauto sells one but it it more designed for modern GT cars. I have considered the brass route and have made two. It doesn't appeal to me as a solution for the 15 or so cars I have. Sharpeways chassis are almost as dear as metal chassis once you factor in conversion and postage. cheers David
  12. The print lines are nearly non-existant, nice work on both of them. Cleaning them up should be a lot easier than the Nissan I did. Do you have any pics from the side?
  13. Having seen whats posted so far my judgemental attitudes have stated to swirl....there are some cool and fugly but geez arches, wings, really they are so passe. I think the current leading light is the resin zombie Astin Marton....I'm favouring that...it is more about what is not there than what is. Some formal proxy events talk about not seeing any chassis but I dont think that is necessary here.....
  14. Something that I've printed out in 1/32, XD and a VK... 1/24 versions will be soon. They'll be available in Lexan but 3d printed ones will be available on request.
  15. If you are slush casting you have to keep the mould turning in your hands until you see colour ie white. Thicker areas will go off first. If the resin is going off too quickly (I am guessing here) then try casting first thing in the cool of the morning.
  16. I was just having a look at the stats for new membership on the forum Last month we had 6 new members join and this month so far we have had 9 new members. Looks like things are picking up with regards new membership Good news Charlie
  17. I’m in, I could be even more rusty in the driving than usual, it has been a while.
  18. MJK Rim explanation Finally found what should help explain rim measurements for tyres in simple terms
  19. Ok you numb nutted bunch of locked down degenerates. Let's go racin'. My place next Thursday. 1. BTCC 2. Muscle Cars 3. 1965 to 1980 sports Bring your A game. Gloat's on the menu and I'm hungry.
  20. I’m banking on it. Munter hates wheel arches. Mind you, Munter hates almost everything.
  21. It may well be a Commodore but it's not really a Holden. I think it was pretty ugly already ….. you just improved it ….. you made it cool
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