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  2. You're invited! Topic: World Wide Slot Car Chat #23 Time: Sep 23, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82971010730?pwd=NWQ0NW1FbnJVbHVpTFMzV1V1YWpkdz09 Meeting ID: 829 7101 0730 Passcode: 309213 Time Zone Calculator for 6pm CST: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200603T230000&p1=234&p2=179&p3=136&p4=37&p5=240&p6=103 I hope you are able to join us!
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  4. Alvaro, ArroldN, DaveP, Pepsi, Shaynus, Sports Racer and Supercharged are running inline.
  5. Brilliant - I had just been thinking lately that we need to break up the weekly cycle with a teams race - have you been reading my mind again ? I'll be there You missed the bit on the poster where it is meant to say "bollocks talk, bravado and empty threats begins 6:05pm "
  6. We're running FLY Racing BMW M3 GTRs. Race starts 6.30 sharp boys. Let me know if you are coming and I will try and organise even teams. Booyah!
  7. knoath

    DG Raceway

    Thanks Fellas. Bry, we moved 4 years ago and during the move the cars and power supply were stored in a shed. My son saw them and said it was a waste to have them in boxes so that planted a seed! I have a 9x8m garage so room wasn't an issue! The surface is just some grey misstint from Bunnings, then a misting of matt black and ivory white spray cans... I quite like it.... and it doesn't smell like Ferradore!
  8. No beaches on my horizon so my place this week, you crazy kids. Let's have a teams race. I'll sort something out shortly.
  9. shodan

    DG Raceway

    Looking good, you have been busy! How long has this been cooking? What surface paint did you go for, looks a bit speckled?
  10. Paul out of interest how many inline chassis are there this year and how are they performing.
  11. Congrats to those podium sitters, well done, great videos too Paul. Great driving by all the drivers. Think I need a faster motor for next year
  12. It's an easy car to drive but it's slow. Needs to go on a diet. I might join you next year with my NSR Renault on a Sideways Mustang chassis. The day before the proxy deadline it was lapping faster than the Calibra but needs more development time.
  13. still the wooden spoon after 4 races.... but looking at the video, i am not one of the hard to drive car. Next year, let s find another french touring car...
  14. 3 off for the alpine... well, it is always an hard sale. Can we please accept the team slot next year???
  15. love the video, it looks like at least the megane is easy to drive with no off.
  16. Mystery solved. Threw this up on NZ Slot Racers Facebook page and a Pitlane Club member immediately said the club Captain's wife worked at Repco. By the time I could type a reply, said poster had rung said club Captain, who was on the phone telling me the item he intended to send, was safely rattling around in his very embarrassed wife's handbag. They have their next club perpetual joke.
  17. Had a mate give me a 3D printed chassis. He had printed the chassis, guide and wheels to try out. Here's what I recieved. The chassis itself is printed with a swing arm/pivot point from just behind the motor. The wheels on it in this pic are from the cheap Avant Slot chassis's from a few years back. Not sure how well it will work, can always glue it in place to make the chassis stiffer. Here's the chassis fitted to a Mustang Supercar. The wheels are printed so you can glue your own inserts etc to it to create the hub for the tyre. Since I had some resin inserts I filed them down to fit and created wheels to suit the modern Supercars. (Sorry no pic at hand) I also cut up a resin wing from another car (BA Falcon I think) and made a wing which more resembles the Mustang. This is the prototype before being cast. And yeah, I painted the car up in the 2020 Shell McLaughlin livery. The 3D printed wheels were surprising true, although after I glued on the inserts to create the hub for the wheels I did true them on my tyre razor just to make sure. How's it run? Not sure yet, but will be taking it to Syd's track to give it a run, the 3D printed guide is to deep for my home Scalextric Sport layout. cheers Matt
  18. mattcrackers

    DG Raceway

    Great work on the frame, track, scenery etc.
  19. Last week
  20. I can top that - although it is "overseas domestic" !! This morning NZ Couriers arrived at 7:30am with a small parcel from Dunedin [for Australians that's the other big island, the one with 25 million sheep, and less than a million people keeping them under control] I had no idea of what might be inside and there was no sender details. The address slip was printed by REPCO and so presumably send by them - which is a kiwi chain like Supercheap Auto Inside was something in bubble wrap."Must be really fragile I thought" Inside the bubble wrap was rolled and taped foam sheeting. Very well wrapped, though the ends were open - maybe that is a clue.... Inside the foam was 50cc of free air.... I still don't know who sent a "nothing" to me with no explanation.
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