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  3. Can't comment on a Mosler beater but if you intend to run superfast cars with magnets you might find that the speed that they fall off the track, and they will, is a lot greater and often the damage is too.
  4. NSR F1 is miles quicker than a Mosler round our club track...no mag, standard car, basic tuning.
  5. Just to be clear on what I was originally asking, I haven't decided on whether I will run magnets or not in this "super class" that I want to set up for myself. My goal is to have three quality brands that I can make as fast as possible on the layout I lay down. If that means magnets, so be it. I might leave the DTM class without magnets to give the boys and I something different to experience. I want 3 quality starting points that are reasonably competitive with each other out of the box, but more importantly I want three models that I can modify to achieve "THE LAP RECORD", the car that gets modified to a point where that model can physically go no faster and holds that elusive "LAP RECORD" is the ultimate winner. (And I get all the fun along the way trying to achieve that) ONLY criteria: has to look like a car. Being a Supercar/Class c/LMP of around the turn of the century would be an advantage but not critical.
  6. Thanks peter, some good info there. Mmmm I just found something, RTR HRS2 Chassis Anglewinder, on paper it looks fast!!! But at first search I can't find anything out about them, especially how to fit a body and what type would fit!
  7. Hi Lee. I do not disagree with Peter but you need to compare like with like. With Non-magnet Thunderslot is hard to beat out of the box. You must remember however that most NSR cars have a much more powerful motor but still need weighting to perform well. This is possibly not required for Magnet. Their standard tyre the Supergrip is very good also. The same applies to some others including Thunderslot and probably Revo Slot. Most Slot-it however only come with display tyres but are a lot cheaper. In NZ N22 tyres cost $15. The NSR 908 is a great car but is one of their Classic series and has a much less powerful motor. It does handle very well though. Hope this of some help. The VRAA Proxy in the USA was run on a number of different type tracks including Scalextric, Carrera and wood and people had no problem with different types of guide. Cannot say I like the wood guide but did put one on my Canam Proxy car because the guide mount was very high the way it was set up. I generally find if a car is set up correctly the guide depth is less critical. Hope this of some help. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
  8. I run Thunderslors on my Carrera track and use a wood guide , that comes as a spare for Thunderslots, also i use Slot it wood guides on all my other makes, do not have any cars you might call standard , all have been tweaked somewhere , all my NSR's run with the wood guide they sell seperatly as well , why well the Carera slot is a bit deeper and a bit wider than most others. As regards the Mosler you can tune cars to be competative with it , and a good base srart in my opinion would be a NSR 908 , Thunderslot Lola , Slot it cars are good but not quite in that class , unless you fully mod them and even then that Mosler is a slippery customer.
  9. That's no fun, I'll leave the even playing field for the other classes Thank you for the links, would you say the chassis of the Revo would support motor/gear ratio swaps that could match it with the Mosler? Thanks Charles, I'll have another look at those brands again, I have looked at them all but one thing I have found in slot cars is the information, websites, are not as easily to find as when I used to race RC. My Carrera cars will only be racing other Carreras and as far as guides they'll be good being Carrera on my track, But that makes me wonder all these other cars I get, how are their guides going to be in the Carrera track, is there a good aftermarket guide that will fit these other brands that will run better in the Carrera track than their stock ones?
  10. The best match for the NSR Mosler is two more NSR Moslers.
  11. Hi all. Fastways in NZ is now owned by ARAMEX. Note sure who they are. They provide a good service as Fastway did previously. NZ Post is similar to AusPost by the sound of it. When they had some competition they reduced their prices to compete but since competition changed to a mainly commercial service they have consistently raised prices and reduced service so letter post has all but disappeared. Meantime package post is running hot for them and competitors. They blame the internet but their pricing policy is just as much to blame. The last package I got from USA/Slot Car Centre came Fedex but took several months instead of usual 2 weeks. Hopefully things have settled down a bit now. Regards Chas Le Breton
  12. Revoslot out the box are no match for an out of the box NSR. But they are great cars to race against each other. For EVERY Revoslot part you think you may need http://www.132slotcar.us The video is perfect for tuning after you have trued the tires, aligned the bushings and set the gear mesh https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KfVUdSRHgS8&feature=emb_logo Sir Superslab advanced plus tuning for the Revoslot https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LaNzCRVD0Fo
  13. Hi Lee. Mosler is pick of NSR cars when properly tuned but other NSR cars are not far behind. Thunderslot is probably best out of box car but Slot-it also very close with better tyres. The fitted ones are usually display only. Revo Slot cars are good out of box as are Sideways. Revo Slot now have a great range but Thunder slot to date Canam models. Scaleauto also good so there is plenty to choose from. There are probably other but this is what we use locally. If you race Carrera they are very sturdy but probably need to be raced with other Carrera. In my experience motors are reasonably low powered. They may need shorter guide supplied if running on non-Carrera track. If you are racing magnet that can be a great leveler but can be hard on cars. Have fun. Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
  14. Revo slot is another to throw into the mix.
  15. Hello, (first post, new to slots) I am setting up a descent size Carrera Digital 132 set at home for myself and my boys to race on. Setting ourselves up with a few different classes, started with some Carrera GT cars, will have a Carrera DTM class, also getting us all a Policar F1 Monoposto for a third class. Now something I want to do on a bit more of an advanced level is buy a NSR Mosler and two other competitive brand/models that would give the Mosler a run for it's money out of the box and with slight mods. Now I've done a spreadsheet of models to compare motor rpm/gear ratio out of the box and its clear to see why the Mosler has a name for it's self out of the box. I've also calculated that on paper the SLOT.IT Audi R8C should be very close in top speed to the Mosler. What I am asking advice on is a third brand/model that stacks up against those two. My requirements would be #1 quality, readily available information (a good website), available parts and upgrades, and similar race era/class appearance. I was looking at the MRSLOTCAR McLaren F1 GTR but information is limited, I worry the extra weight might be a slowing factor, despite the fact I would like to tinker with a metal chassis, and on paper it's motor/gear ratio combo calculates to a slower contender. Recommendations for a third car to mix it with the Mosler?
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  17. When you’re done do you want to visit my place, I only have 8 years to sort.......
  18. I am struggling to get back into work mode and have been sneaking off early this week. I decided it was time to completely sort out my collection of parts; the second time I have done this properly in 25 years. Talk about opening a can or worms! 11 hours, split over two nights, later... 11 solid hours! I'll never find anything now.
  19. Slot It have a number of guides that will fit old scalextric cars - both clip in and screw in options. Search the sponsor sites - you'll quickly find them.
  20. Fastway is owned by Australia Post now, just another million dollar decision and purchase that the Australian government pen pushers made without consulting with the people of Australia. The irony behind all this expenditure is that Australia Post have turned around and whinged about suffering massive losses, so in turn they have increase the prices of postage for letter stamps, which has continuously increased since and implemented quadruple dipping with other bulky and large parcel charges, they (Oz Post) now charge four items on one parcel, this being: Postcode of Origin, Postcode of Destination, Weight, and cubic cm measurements
  21. Ok folk, Update on testing paint, decals and floor polish... I'll leave the locomotive body alone from here for now.. and just post on results from the Scalextric shadow. One exception, I didn't have one issue pop up with over-coating Tamiya acrylic with Tamiya clear coat with lacquer thinners... in fact, I'm impressed - it was able to be handled within two hours of "flooding" the acrylic with lacquer based clear.... Next up - overcoating Pascoe's self-shining floor polish with lacquer.... same deal - no reaction, and the clear coat went off just as fast as that applied to the loco body... At the same time, over-coating the compounded side of the floor polish had exactly the same response - nothing... So... win, win, win... I do know, I can't clear coat Patto's decals with lacquer ... or even Tamiya acrylic clear coat... but the self-shining floor polish won't affect them, and I now know the acyrlic or lacquer won't affect the floor polish... Just a couple of pix - first up, the left side of the Shadow - previously coated with floor polish then compounded with Tamiya fine compounding polish... we see here that the lacquer based clear coat over the top of the compounded floor polish suffered no reaction at all... not a good pic, but the gloss factor is even greater than the floor polish gloss..... Second pic is a bit of a close up on the decals..... these were bare under the floor polish, then compounded - but not washed..... the lacquer clear was sprayed (flooded even) over them to see if there was going to be a reaction... there wasn't... Pic.... I am further happy to report, the lathe is back together and about to be checked for accuracy - so, hope to make a start on the LJ chassis wheels.... very soon... watch this space... Next, and this is totally off topic, but I don't want to start a new thread which will be very short lived.... airbrushes... Here is a pic of my five airbrushes.. the last one came in just a couple of days ago. They are all Badger brushes, the one at the bottom of the pic is my faithful little 200 syphon brush... I have used this brush for 39 years... it must have had ten gallons of paint go through it by now, and has been used from everything between very fine misting of weathering.. right up to a 2" fan with auto paint when i sprayed the plenum chamber intake grille of my 1:1 scale EK Holden... in all that time, I have only had to replace one needle and one tip.... it has been an amazing brush. Few pix... At top, the Patriot 105 Second from top, Arrow - which is almost an exact duplication of the Patriot - but has a much smaller paint cup for getting into tight places. Both these brushes have a 0.5 mm needle/tip set.. The middle brush is probably going to become my favorite.. it's the 360... just such a versatile brush. I can be used as a gravity fed or syphon bottle brush.. The barrel can be rotated through 360 degrees, so you can just about put either the paint cup or bottle where you want when forced to work in a confined space. It has a 0.8 mm needle/tip set.. but I used this spraying the very thin floor polish yesterday - and it was capable of being able to spray a very fine line, for the larger needle/tip size.. Next down, is the Rolls-Royce of airbrushes... the Sotar (Stare Of The Art Results - acronym). It has additional features which allow the very fine setting of the amount of needle retraction - and it is scaled to 0.01 mm increments... so that exacting settings can be returned to for various delicate jobs.... I have not used this brush yet... but am very keen to load it up with some thin paint and see just how fine it can spray at... it has a very fine 0.21 mm needle/tip... And at the bottom - we have my faithful little 200.. which will not be used much from now on... maybe for larger jobs ... but I doubt that it will get much of a go now that the newer brushes have arrived. I am including a pic of the front of these brushes as well.. and a close-up of the Sotar brush... that needle is certainly very much exposed - it will demand great care in use. I am amazed at the incredible machining of this set... the spacing around the needle in the tip is exact... amazing for such a small needle... Pix... And to close off this post... I decanted the remainder out of some Tamiya TS-13 lacquer clear coat aerosol today... and it is now in a 30 ml bottle ready for use.... It stinks to high heaven.. but I am a firm believer that this lacquer paint will outlive any acrylic in the rigors of slot car use... as Phil has laid testament to... Ok, folk - that will be it for a little while now - work will start on turning the LJ wheels very shortly - then I can settle in to building a chassis for it.... with the added side distraction of clear-coating and applying decals to it.... Until next.. frats, Rosco
  22. Hi Paul, Has the returning of cars gotten underway yet? Not that I'm in any major rush to get my car back, but enquiring minds........
  23. Hi Lenny/Alan. My Brabham BT3 will much the same as last 3 years or so but will be fitted with new SRP16000 FF050 motor and new PG rear tyres. I hope to also re-build the front axle mount so it will be eligible for FPR building competition. Hopefully also tidy up Stubbo's original paint job. Spec. details are as follows: 1963 Brabham BT3 driven by the late Denny Hulme (No. 5); entry country - New Zealand; body STUBBO including paint job as far as I know; chassis Le Breton with BWA motor mount; motor SRP16000; guide - Slot-it; pinion BWA; crown wheel - Slot-it; gear ration - TBD; rear tyres PG21083; wheels - F&R - BWA; Regards Chas Le Breton
  24. All my US orders have now arrived.. no complaints. However, I was offered a 2 month free trial of Amazon prime, which I took.... and shipping was express and free... All arrived safely, but I can't explain why two of the six packages came via Fastway - and the others came via AusPost... The last package arrived today - two packs of model locomotive axle gear sets.. AusPost. I have two more to come, one from a forum member here who is kindly sending me a couple of things.. and a Tamiya pack of the three polishing compounds plus rubbing pads and polishing cloths ($35 AUS, shipped if anyone is intersted). frats, Rosco
  25. muza

    race screen

    Race coordinator In the race screen it shows lap, lap time, median lap, best lap. Is there a way you can show total laps when you are racing in the heats. cheers
  26. Yes have had zero issues, time is anywhere between two whole weeks and three whole weeks. But the items do arrive
  27. Anyone ordered from the UK since 1st January and is there anything to be wary of before ordering?
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