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  2. SlotsNZ

    Racing at Ged's

    My goodness, there’s some faces from the past. We never met in the flesh Shane, but raced with these guys, when staying with Eno and Stubbo a couple of times on trips to Melbourne 2007 and 2008 What was Mannimal’s name, who worked there for Ged?
  3. I’ll be there. Good to be back at The Thunderdome
  4. gref

    Racing at Ged's

    I found an old video from 2006 taken at Ged's aka Melbourne Model Raceway on an old hard drive. Ged is race controller. It's a long video but shows the slot track half of his "shop". In this video is Eno the Wonderdog, myself, Moe, Freddy (I think), Ged, Matt (sax0607) and Brett
  5. I'm out this week, we need to squeeze in a quick trip to Wellywood.
  6. Find out what it cost to ship Aloha and my car back to Hawaii, and I will send some money. Lance
  7. I'm back in the Bay and ready to rumble. The search for Gloat resumes at Thunder Road this week: Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 Modern Le Mans (GT1 & LMP1 & LMP2 cars)
  8. Yesterday
  9. 'Any DTM car' needs changing to 'Any pre-2021 DTM car' as DTM is now a GT3 only series.
  10. Yes Mark looks cool real cool and I even like the colour
  11. Bought this on a whim with a few classic Carrera muscle cars. Didn’t have any donor chassis, so modified the snot out of it, to get rid of the front stub axles and push the guide forward about 1cm. Overall the chassis sits 2mm lower at front, 1mm lower at back. The body has been dropped 2mm into the chassis. Throwing out the Carrera innards, chopping the window unit and grinding the body and interior, took 8gms out, down from 83gm to 75gms, then 7gms lead added in total, back to 82gms, with an SRP 16k s-can motor. Overall it is fairly well balanced, runs similar to my Ninco XK120 Jag convertible, which weighs 81gms. It is for our Pre ‘65 Sports class at club. . ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
  12. A statement by the NSR Australian Championships Committee 2022 It is with deep regret that the Committee for NSR Australian Championships 2022 finds it necessary to issue a statement in response to comments made in a Facebook post by Jason Brooks following this event. Jason has been contacted on a number of occasions and given numerous opportunities to correct the record, to issue an apology and to explain his actions. Jason has not responded to any of these communications and has not made any submissions in writing to the Committee (nor has any other competitor). Every effort has been made by the Committee to care for Jason’s emotional and mental wellbeing. His personal welfare has been at the centre of every decision that has been made by the committee from as far back as the first day of racing at the NSR event. We do not issue this statement lightly and it is an unenviable position we find ourselves in. Every alternative avenue has been sought, however we have a responsibility to the Committee, the Scrutineers, fellow competitors and the wider Slot Car community. On the first morning of the event (24/9/22) Jason Brooks presented his Formula 86/89 car for scrutineering to be entered into Parc Ferme’. The scrutineer checked the motor with a UV light to ensure the motor had the appropriate UV markings and it did not. A fellow scrutineer checked the motor and could not find the UV identifier either. The Chairman of the Committee was then summoned and also checked the motor and found it to be non-compliant. Jason assured the scrutineers that he had used the motor and tyres that had been handed out that morning and when further challenged suggested that the motor may have been missed in the UV marking process. Jason then offered to buy another motor if that helped but offered no explanation as to why the motor he presented did not have the UV markings on it. Jason was then issued another of the approved motors which he fitted to the car. At no point did Jason disclose to the committee that the hand-out motor he received at 8am was concealed in his race box. It also transpired that the tyres that Jason had fitted to the car were not the tyres he had received that morning either. Jason had fitted a previously glued & trued set of tyres to his car because when his tyres were checked they were also found to be without the appropriate UV markings. Once this deception had been confirmed with the Scrutineer (who first received the car), the Head Scrutineer and the Chairman of the Committee, Jason was summoned to explain what had taken place. No explanation was forthcoming and Jason was then asked where the hand-out motor and tyres were that he received that morning. Jason then admitted they were still in his race box and that he had not fitted them to the car. The Scrutineers and the Committee were extremely disappointed at such a blatant act of unsportsmanlike behaviour and for displaying such a contempt for the rules. The motor and tyres were retrieved from Jason’s race box and the UV markings were confirmed on both the motor and the tyres. A discussion amongst the committee Members ensued and although a portion of the committee felt that Jason should be immediately disqualified it was decided that a more compassionate approach should be taken. Jason was then given the opportunity to withdraw the car himself and take no further part in the days racing. The committee felt this to be a significant gesture of goodwill and hoped that Jason would ensure that he would comply with the rules for the remainder of the weekend. On a number of occasions following the first days infringement Jason made it clear that he was reluctant to comply with all of the directives given to the Drivers. It was made explicitly clear to all Drivers that only the shellite provided at the Scrutineers Station was to be used to clean tyres and braids however during the GT Class Jason applied his own treatments and was asked by a scrutineer to cease from doing that again. On Monday (26/9/22) Jason entered the racing for the Classic class and it was immediately apparent to both the committee and to his fellow Drivers that Jason's car was significantly faster than the rest of the field. With only a few brackets of racing completed Jason had acquired a remarkable lead. It was decided not to withdraw Jasons car from Parc Ferme’ to be checked so as not to draw unnecessary attention to him. At no point did the Committee want to appear to be singling out any one Driver and it was known that any car that finished in the top three places would be scrutineered once again anyway (as is standard practice at most Slot Car Clubs). Jason did finish in the top three positions (1st) and his car was scrutineered along with the 2nd and 3rd place cars. Jason’s car was found to be non-compliant as he had glued his motor to the motor pod. This was strictly forbidden in the rules. Rule 7.2 stated clearly, (The motor) Can be fixed to the motor support only with NSR 4856 Screws. No other competitor had presented a car with a glued motor during the entire weekend and no one sought clarification on the issue because it was clear that it was illegal at this particular event. It must also be stated that no other car failed scrutineering over the entire three days except two of the cars entered by Jason Brooks. Every other Driver clearly understood the rules and almost no clarification of the rules was sought over the weekend by drivers, demonstrating that there was an overwhelming consensus in the understanding of the rules and the expectations of Drivers to comply with them. Jason was asked if he would have a chat with the Chairman of the Committee and when questioned did not refer to the rules, did not suggest that it was a ‘grey area’ and did not admit to seeking any kind of clarification prior to glueing the motor. Jason was reluctant to enter into any conversation or provide any explanation. Jason tried to suggest that he was being picked on but was assured that he was not. In an effort to demonstrate that, the 2nd and 3rd place car and a number of other random cars were opened and on display to show him that no other car had the motor glued in. At no point did Jason even admit to an ‘honest mistake’ but tried instead to suggest that gluing the motor provides no performance enhancement whatsoever. It was put to Jason that it is a well known performance enhancement and that is why glueing in the motor is such a universal technique within 1/32 scale racing. If it provided no advantage it would not be such a widely used adaptation. Sadly, Jason suggested that if he was disqualified he would ‘blow this up’ and it would go badly for the committee and any other event we wanted to hold. It was made clear that our only concern was that this event was fair for everyone and that the rules were adhered to and that no one would be treated differently regardless of their reputation or status within the Slot Car community and the final decision was relayed to him. It was evident that Jason knew that he had made a significant mistake and subsequently admitted that he would not want the final results to be overturned and that the 2nd place Driver was the rightful winner. Some suggested that we were only out ‘to look after the locals’ but at the time of Jason’s disqualification we were unsure of who was in 2nd place and it turned out to be someone we had not met before who was from Victoria so those allegations were completely baseless. The Committee were extremely disappointed to have been forced into this adjudication as it had the potential to end the event on a very sour and distasteful note. It did seem to mar the proceedings for a short time but now that a fuller disclosure has occurred we are hoping that all Drivers will remember the event for having been fair for everyone and a great time of fun racing and personal enjoyment. The Committee would like to stress that we have taken this step to explain our actions because the integrity of the event and that of the scrutineers and Committee members was called into question in the comments on a Facebook post hosted by Jason. There have been subsequent comments and as most will appreciate, these issues can snowball quickly, become very ugly and very nasty. Most of the time hear-say, innuendo and partial truths are the seeds from which the issues grow. Those who attended this event can be assured that every effort was made to ensure that the highest level of integrity and transparency was achieved and that a professional yet compassionate approach was at the centre of every decision. Every person who did or did not receive a trophy or a prize can be assured they had their rightful place and they earned it fairly and with integrity. The Committee made it clear that we wanted to do something new and one of the pillars of that approach was to ensure that we did things in a way that provided positive role models to the young and less-experienced drivers within this hobby. We firmly believe there is no place in this hobby for cheating. We do know that in the past this has often soured peoples experience of the hobby and has driven people away. We want that to change and we can assure everyone in this hobby that every event we hold in the future will adhere to these ideals and to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism as were displayed at the NSR Australian Championships 2022. We hope you will race with us again here in WA. No further correspondence will be entered into and we consider the matter closed. The Committee for the NSR Australian Championships 2022
  13. Set up a new car for Pre ‘65 Sports. ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Tank I thought that Jason Brooks was there, and made the finals for GTs and Classics, and won the Classics, but not included in the results ?
  16. And last but by no means Least, the Overall Results of the Inaugural NSR National Championship of 2022
  17. Results for the Classic Le Mans Class held on Monday 26 September
  18. Results for the GT3 Class held on Sunday 25 September
  19. Official Results form the NSR Championships held at Brunswick Junction on Saturday 24 September - F1 Class
  20. Your boys were a credit to you Dave and it is so great to see young people involved in the hobby at that level! Well done you!
  21. Thank you Gary for your fantastic photo's from the weekend, you captured the mood perfectly.
  22. Snake won’t be there this week. Turns out reptiles can get the vid too……
  23. I updated my design to include a way to adjust the height of the rails in order to "calibrate" to another scale. The models provided are for Scalextric Sport track rails and a 30mm tall scale. If you have a scale of a different height and/or want to use different rails, you can edit the parameters in the included Fusion 360 file, or PM me to adjust the models for you. https://www.printables.com/model/286374-magnetic-downforce-scale-apparatus-adjustable
  24. I wish you could’ve seen my reaction to this! brilliant!
  25. god that takes me back. probably not the best look for advertising food. I think Hugo and Holly have eaten way to much KFC, maybe they should get out of the car and walk
  26. Thanks Bings for hosting. 12 with so many regulars unavailable is awesome. And this is to educate young Snake
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